There are features on a launcher that keep you coming back.

Action Launcher has Quickdrawer. Apex has its theme engine. Aviate has its quirky app organization. Well, Nova Launcher's got quite a few features that keep users coming back year after year, theme after theme. But beyond the ridiculous amount of launcher customization and the best damn launcher backups on Android, Nova has an ace in the hole.

And that ace is subgrid positioning.

So what if a widget looks wonky at 5x1?

Now, the grid on your launcher dictates how many spaces you have for shortcuts, folders, and widgets. Most launchers default to a 5x5 or 4x4 grid depending on how big/old they are. That means you can put a 5x1 widget completely across one row of your home screen: like a music widget or a weather bar. So what if a widget looks wonky at 5x1? Well, you can resize widgets in most launchers, including Nova, and change that widget from 5x1 to 5x2. The problem then becomes that this widget is taking up 40% of your home screen. You need the stretch your widget somewhere between the two. So you can either resize your home screen grid, or you can use the handy option sitting on that same page in Nova Settings.

Enter subgrid positioning.

Too small, too big, juuust right.

Now, instead of being stuck between a 5x1 or 5x2 widget (or more often a 7x1 vs 8x2 widget), you can split the difference and resize the widget to be 5x1.5. It seems like a simple thing, but it makes a huge difference, especially when trying to place widgets around a feature on your wallpaper like the Zooper widgets in our Deadpool theme. It essentially double your options when resizing a widget or placing a shortcut. On a 5x5 grid, instead of having 5 width or height options, you have 10 each. On a 7x7 grid, what I use, I have 14 widget sizes instead of 7. And when scaling and placing widgets, those options can make all the difference in the world.