We had already reported on the potential price drop of the Sprint HTC Hero to $99.99 but now it's officially official. Best Buy has just announced that the Sprint HTC Hero and Samsung Moment will both now be priced at $99.99 with new 2-year contract. We think that having those phones at $99 is a wonderful deal that should hopefully spur other carriers to drop prices on their phones as well (ahem, T-Mobile).

If you had paid $179 for the Sprint HTC Hero or Samsung Moment at Best Buy, hopefully you can still return in and receive the difference? Let us know what happens!



Reader comments

Sprint HTC Hero & Samsung Moment Now $100 at Best Buy


Yes, it is for new subscribers only. If you paid the $179.99 or the $129.99 originally, you can get the price adjustment. I did last night and I was out of my return period by 2 days.

Okay I bought a hero. And my 30 days hasn't ran out, of I return it to sprint can I still be eligible to get it from bestbuy, or what?
I'm confused

Let me get the scenario straight... You bought the Hero, originally, from Sprint? You want to return it and buy it from Best Buy? First, I would go back to Sprint and talk to the sales rep who sold it to you and see if he would honor the price difference or call CC (They may credit your account... never know). If that doesn't work, you can always cancel and return it to Sprint (However, they charge a restocking fee...) and buy another Hero from Best Buy and activate new service again. You will most likely lose the number you have now. With all that said, I hope you were a new subscriber initially and not an upgrade to a current Sprint account... But that's what I would do.

So, in other words, Sprint has found another way to screw their long time customers? Even at $179 a long time customer pays the same as someone right off the street; they phrase it differently but the outcome is the same:
Long time customer 150 discount+50 rebate+100 mail in rebate=179.00
New customer: 200+100 mail in rebate=179.00
So where is the loyalty?

argggg this aggravates me. the whole $99 and $179.99 price mess. i was going to switch my plan to a family plan and add a phone at best buy im buying one htc hero for the add on, but i was looking at vids on htc hero and decided i would like one myself but renewing my contract does not let me get the phones at $99...it just dosent make sense considering id be like a "new" customer again...so now im stuck with my stupid pre that im starting to hate and i get to be jealous of my boyfriend who will be getting the hero that i want. BUMMER!!!

i have already 2 lines with sprint but only nextel direct connect plan.. i was browsing in bestbuy website and i saw the htc hero at $100 it seem like a good deal because i saw it at sprint for $179 after mail in rebate.. if you get a line in sprint with htc hero you should pay in full $270 with no activation fee.. but in bestbuy i got in for $109 with 2 day shipping but theres a activation fee that will show in bill for $36.... soo BESTBUY HAS A BETTER DEAL...

$100 (Bestbuy) Activation Fee $36

$179.99 After Mail In Rebate (Sprint) No Activation Fee


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If you are out of your contract with sprint you can go to bestbuy and get the htc hero for $99. its the same thing as a new contract. If they dont let you do it argue with them or the general manager and they will give you the deal.

I bought a rumor 2 but a month later i seen the sprint moment phone. I am in a 2 years contract with the rumor 2 is their any way I can change my phone into the sprint moment with out paying a arm and a leg and loosing mt cotract