Sprint's best android phones now can use direct-connect features

Sprint knows that a lot of people are big users of their direct-connect service. They have built it out as a very well-done app for Android, and today they have added a few new phones to the list of devices that can use it. Your list:

In addition, Sprint already has plans to add a few more Android phones to the list soon — the S4 Mini, the Galaxy Mega, and the Galaxy S4 with Spark.

If you're using one of these phones, getting the direct-connect service is easy. Grab the app at the Google Play link above and install it. Then hit your account services webpage, and add Direct Connect and Group Connect under Push-to-Talk add-ons. 

Now go get your chirp on.

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Sprint adds more devices to list of phones with PTT service



I don't get why this is a priority. I've never missed having direct connect since ditching Nextel.

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Yes, especially construction, landscaping, field/farm workers. All the ones I know love it.

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Agreed, there are lots of people that like and or need a Direct Connect type service. I am not one of them, but good news for those that want it.

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While that may be true, there are a dozen apps that give you the same thing.
Adding it in hardware, and or in custom software only available one network is just silly.

My place of employment has a contract with Sprint for this service. They have put in antennas so that there is even service in the basement. It is the only reason I am still with Sprint. Any Sprint phone works down here. No other carrier has service down in this dungeon.

Law enforcement, government, large enterprises, field workers, construction, medical, hotels (Hyatt and Hilton have large Sprint contracts). Direct Connect is still widely used, just not much by consumers.

Yeah and I agree with all of you here. If they really want more people to use the service they need to ditch the $5 month charge where Nextel had it included in their plans.

I'd guess that there's some sort of framework on the devices that they actually control that is lacking on the Nexus.

Or they wanna sell their own phones or something...

It uses the data network. Range between phones doesn't matter, as long as both of them have service. The advantage is that, instead of having to make a call, and waiting for it to ring and the other party to answer, it just goes right through. It also makes for easier connections between groups - for example, a foreman can talk to his entire crew all at once, instead of calling them one at a time or having to type out a text message.

Apo called tickle is one of them as i have used them in the past and was pretty good, works exactly like push to talk

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Most people using Sprint Direct Connect are using it on feature/flip phones. An app would not work. And when a company is footing the bill for their entire workforce, upgrading everybody to smartphones (and the required data plans) is not always appealing.

I can only guess that the PTT button would get lots of wear and tear on many phones. I would want a "rugged" phone or one that had a natove button designed for PTT.

I don't begrudge any person or company still using this service. It's always great to have options!

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If I wanted a walkie talkie i'd buy one.

"Sprint Direct Connect service is included for no additional charge on MANY service plans"

Amazing how people just gloss right over that part and skip right to the $5.

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I don't ever want to here that chirping sound again! It was great when construction workers used to use in in the field. Then regular idiots started using it on trains, buses, even in restaurants. It should be a business account only app and used accordingly.