Mophie Juice Pack for Samsung Galaxy S3

Slowly but surely I'm starting to see the dust at the bottom of the mess that is my desk. Up for grabs today is a Mophie Juice Pack for the Samsung Galaxy S3. This thing'll protect your phone while it charges it up, basically giving you another battery cycle before you break down and plug it in.

If you're in it to win it, leave a comment on this post. We'll shut things down around midnight and scoop up a winner. Good luck!


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Spring cleaning: Win a Mophie Juice Pack for the Samsung Galaxy S3



Not asking for pity, but Daughter has been in Children's Medical Center in Dallas since April 7 due to a Brain Hemorhage. 4 weeks in ICU, came to Neurosciences last Friday. We will likely be transferred to Baylor within the next few days for up to 3 weeks for rehab, and I REALLY need to keep my phone charged while I am there 24 hours a day, and cannot keep my phone charged, until I plug in at night.

This product will sell very well in Trinidad and Tobago. If I had one I could advertise it down here.
Much blessings.

Would love to have it...and I would certainly put it to good use.....I am a physician and I use my trusted galaxy to help me make rounds at the hospital and collect computerized patient lab data, etc which help me take care of my patients....and too often, right in the midst of my long day, my battery runs out....Would love to have extended power...Thanks.

I could really use the extra battery life as I work outdoors on a golf course all day.

You can never get enough juice and these juice packs really do the job! Congrats to the lucky winner of this one!

May as well enter this one, turned down the opportunity to upgrade to an S4...

The S3 is still a solid phone, but new tech is fun stuff

I'd happily take it off of your hands. Make no mistake, I love my GS3 - but that's only because there's no one making the phone I'm after.

I want a phone with such a huge battery that bluetooth, wifi, and mobile data are just drops in the bucket. I want it to offer best-in-class capability (better signal, longer life, brighter screen, better camera, heck, even a QWERTY slider if it's Christmas), and I don't care it we hit an inch thick to get it. :)

As is, the GS3 is a lovely phone that, by the time I get home from work, begs to be plugged in. And some apps and games - Ingress (which makes sense, due to GPS) and Defenders of Texel (I have no idea why, but it just chugs the battery) - make then more of an ideal than how life is.

I could really use a pick me up like this right now. It's been a rough month. I'm on medical leave from work waiting to have surgery next Friday. I've been in and out of a lot of doctors offices and could use the extra juice for the waiting rooms.

Can't hurt, Just picked up a used S3 2 days ago! First android phone coming from the other guys.

My 14yo could really use this. Goes through his battery like crazy with his music, texting & Facebook.

Id love to win this been wanting one but i cant afford it after child support rent and bill ect. id love to win this Phil ;)

I would love to have one of these! My friend has one on his S3 and its really cool. Perfect for those long days out away from the power... Thanks for another giveaway, Phil!

I would love to be able to play Ingress a little longer. Morphie would be great to win. Love the site and the Podcasts, Phil. Thanks!

Sitting here, looking at my S3 on the charging cradle and thinking this would be niiiiiiice. :)

This would come in sooooooooo handy for me. I'd be forever grateful if I was to find this on my doorstep sometime in the near future! ;)

Would like to win a mophie juice pack to see how well the product is. I do look into your site everyday for tips and advice on android. A full fledge android user. Winning juice pack would be awesome. Thank you.

Just think. 2 full days of Angry Birds Star Wars without a charge! Maybe even have enough juice to text the wife. #no excuses

I would love to win the juicepack. I'm not going to tell you I want to give it to my mom. I'm not going to tell you I can't afford one. I'm not going to say my S3 doesn't last through the day. None of that applies to me. I want it for me becayse its cool and its free. That's about it.

I'd love to win it... just what I need for my GS3 before some long summer travel days ahead! Thanks for the continual great contests!

can I plz have the case plz I love the galaxy s3 it the best fone in the world I would do.anything to.get better stuff to.make my fone even.better plz can.I have it plz

I hope I win this, great gift for my wife for mothers day. I know its not gonna get here in time but its the thought that counts.

Would really love this, I am still going caseless and this would also solve the battery drain. Please Please.

I just got the HTC One and gave my S III to my Fiancee to get her off of the iPhone. She loves the phone but absolutely blows through the battery on it. This would be a perfect item to go along with the phone. Did I mention we're getting married on Saturday! Just saying....I'm not trying to pad this comment with sentiment to get the juice pack....but we are getting married...and it'd be an awesome present....just saying..

I could really use this, I have noticed that my battery isn't what she used to be, sometimes only lasting a few hours.

Spring Cleaning your desk makes me think of the kids movie Marry Poppins and her bottomless bag. Let's see you pull a hat rack from your desk drawer.
I just upgraded from an "older" Motorola phone to the Gallaxy S 3. It is like stepping out of the Dark Ages. Samsung makes great phones. The GS3 has a pretty good battery. However, more Juice can always be used since I use my phone heavily.

P.S. The Android Central app rocks. Now I don't have to check your site every ...couple of hours. Now Android central is there at the tap of the screen. The only site for Android news.

I'd really like to win this as a gift for my girlfriends galaxy s3! Thank you and fingers are crossed.

really useful
That would be really useful over the next couple of weeks. I have several trainings the next couple of weeks acned have been looking at buying the 7000 mah zero lemon battery but winning this would be even better.

Hello! I saw this on Drippler (it's such a great app!) and I decided to comment just in case to get a Mophie Juice pack. Hope you consider me!

My kid loves to watch mickey mouse on youtube..this would be aqesome for boring visits to the doctors

Oh how my son could use this for his s3! What a great second birthday gift since I just got him an s3. Please pick me. Posting this using your new Android Central app!

My S3 stock battery can last 2 days without charge on moderate use. I'll let someone else have this juice pack.

Always wanted to try a Juice to have it. Keep up the good work Phil, Alex, Jerry and company.

I absolutely love my Samsung Galaxy S III/L710. I jumped right from the Samsung Galaxy Epic 4G/D700 to it and skipped the Samsung Galaxy S II/D710 seeing the area where I live will be getting LTE by the end of 3Q13.

Mine.... mine.... mine.... mine.... mine.... mine.... mine.... MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ooo....I could use this! use my S3 to listen to music at work. Not really a place to charge it so this would be awesome.

Im would really appreciate im a delivery driver my at&t s3 need more juice..... and some updates to hold me off till the note 3......

Thanks for all the helpful information you guys provide. I'll be glad to help with the spring cleaning by gratefully accepting this to help you out.

Well, I'm always unlucky and have never won anything in my life, but I'm gonna give this a try :)

Jesus Christ, i would love to win this! If i use my phone the way i want to use it, it won't last even to lunch time.

If you really don't want it. I suppose I could take it off your hands. (I really want it, but I'm trying to play it cool.)

I was looking to get this for a really long time. It would be really cool to have since I only have one battery and I'm an extremely heavy user.

Hey! North Dakota is still part of America and we like winning stuff, I'm just saying.

I'm an avid backpacker and I've been looking for a way to extend my battery life for the longer hikes I take. This would be a pretty good solution while preventing me from getting a cheap phone with super long life to switch to for trips.

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