Mophie Juice Pack for Samsung Galaxy S3

Slowly but surely I'm starting to see the dust at the bottom of the mess that is my desk. Up for grabs today is a Mophie Juice Pack for the Samsung Galaxy S3. This thing'll protect your phone while it charges it up, basically giving you another battery cycle before you break down and plug it in.

If you're in it to win it, leave a comment on this post. We'll shut things down around midnight and scoop up a winner. Good luck!


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Spring cleaning: Win a Mophie Juice Pack for the Samsung Galaxy S3



I got an S3, it's like this contest was made for me to win...

Just updated my profile, what's with having no Asus products to select from. My second device is a Asus Transformer Prime, but I can't select it in the profile cause it's not there!!! :(

That would be handy, even if I would have to use it for work.

Do they make one for Sonicare toothbrushes? My toothbrush charge is even worse than my S3's.

Sometimes we do things for others. This is one of those times. While I must say I am a proud owner of a Galaxy Note 2 with multiple cases and the extra battery, We sometimes don't see that other people save up to buy their phones and don't have that little extra money to buy a case or pay for insurance. Here is my coworker with the S3 not even a month old, no case and no screen protector... I ask him what gives and his reply to me is next week he'll get it. Well, it's almost a month now and still I see that Beauty of a phone unprotected that it just makes me hold my phone and constantly check it for Damage.

I would love one of these for my pops!! He's always dropping complaining of the battery life on the s3..

I don't have this phone but if I win I know my teacher just got this phone. So let me win!Lol

I am always a sucker for another contest. Here's hoping. Maybe this one will fit better than the last one. :-)

i have and hate the galaxy s3 and plan to ditch it as soon as the next nexus is out (or ill get the htc one) but damn this piece of plastic shit cant go through half a day of no-use at all!! so i kind of really need this, please let me win. oh, and fuck whomever tells me to get a secondary battery. sincerely, how am i supposed to charge them both simultaneously?

If I don't win this one, the world may blow into a fiery ball of mass hysteria. Thank you!

this would be so cool.. I've got the power... S3 wont be chugging that bad

I could use that! :) I'm pretty sure all the battery saving apps in the world couldn't help me with how much I use my phone.

I'm about to buy my mother-in-law a galaxy s3 for mother's day, so this would be a great bonus gift.

would be great for my phone to last all day. have learned through my job another reason android is superior to apple, android allows much better access to special needs kids.

I like juice, especially apple! Although cherry pomegranate is pretty fantastic too. Although I think my favorite is still the fermented grape variety :)

Maybe with this I wouldn't have to carry a micro usb around with me every where I go. lol

Pick me! Pick me! Or rather my mom, would be a perfect Mother's Day gift for my Mom and her S3.

Can I win one please? I live off this phone, I'm putting this battery through hell lol.

I'm NEVER giving up my Samsung S3!!! Really, what's the difference between 1080p and 720p on the 4.8" screen? If anybody can notice that, they have a RETINA that beats Apple's. Ha Ha Ha!!!

I would like it just so that my 11 year old can say "more mophie" to my S3 like she does my wife's iPhone

I love my S3 so much, I just got my wife one! That and the fact that she got hers for $10!

I would very much like to have a Moffie for my phone. I just
sold my iphone. It had a Mofie with it. It worked very well. I like having the extra power when it is needed.

This would be great for my job as i patrol and secure the inside and outside of my airport here in baltimore. Walking and driving. All night long! That extra juice would be great. Thanks AndroidCentral for opportunities like this. :)

My girlfriend just got an S3 as a replacement from AT&T for her One X. This would be handy

Whilst looking at new stories on Android Central
I spotted a competition that just looked mental
As easy as turning bread into toast
All that they ask is "comment on this post"
The prize, a Mophie Juice pack For your Galaxy S3
This looks just like the thing for me!
With chargers at Home, at work and the car
On a single charge you won't get far
But with a Mophie Juice Pack, now that's the ticket
I've got my fingers crossed that I will win it.

Would LOVE to give as a gift to my hubby for Father's Day -- he is constantly having to charge his S3

I'd love one! I just got my S3 2 weeks ago, and with the use i give it this could be very helpful :D

The juice is loose! Could It land on me? If anyone ever says, "My job sucks." You can think of me working on peoples sanitary sewers everyday for minimum wage making someone else rich and you will feel better about your job instantly.

Why, yes, I could certainly use this fine accessory. Please consider me for this honor. Thank you. :-)

This would be a life saver with the hour+ ride to and from work bat. doesn't last so long searching for signal.

Me, me, me please (jumping up and down waving my arms)! Just got my S3 three weeks ago. I live in a spotty reception area and my battery goes down rather quickly. Could really use this!

I know what you mean about clutter i just got done cleaning my shed today had to stop and run in and charge my GS3. WOULD LOVE TO WIN

This is totally not an overt attempt to placate the editor for the Mophie Juice Pack. Not even a little bit.

This is totally not an overt attempt to placate the editor for the Mophie Juice Pack. Not even a little bit.

Hi, the battery life on my S3 is pretty good, but could always use another battery pack. Thank you

I'd bust out my retired S3 to use this when traveling... sad to say my GT-N7100's battery isn't as great as it was previously.

Have so much hope I made a Haiku

Stock is not enough
Magic that Mophie Juice solves
The Magic I need

Those were on Groupon recently for $49! When I went to purchase it they were sold out!!! Don't make me pay $99!!! ;p - but anyways I could really use one of those! Battery dies so quickly on this phone!

Hi Phil thanks for cleaning off your desk.It would be awesome to be the winner from your cleaning efforts:-)

This could come in r-e-a-l handy, especially for the summertime being out and about. Thanks for yet another great giveaway!!

I would like to win it cause I'm tired of telling my girl that we cant talk cause my phone's battery is going dead......true story

So many posts hope I the lucky one. Love my Galaxy SIII would love to have more power.
Have a great and wonder day

I would love to help you "clean" (take everything and use it for my mobile devices) your desk, phil.

Phil's like the cool kid on the block with all the neat toys! I want a neat toy so yeah, I'd take it.

I need all the juice i can get, and i can help you clean off that desk a little faster if i WIN.

Hi, I love Android Central and I would really love to win this case, I could sure use it :-)

I'll take the dusty juice pack you found at the bottom of your now clean desk. :-)

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