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British online retailer Clove is the first to offer up SIM-free UK pricing for the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which was unveiled yesterday in Hong Kong. On its official blog, Clove says that it's "confirmed" the price at £514.80 inc. VAT (~$825), with a initial stock of the Ice Cream Sandwich-powered treats apparently arriving "at the beginning of November."

That's a lot of money, but typical of the cost of high-end handsets in the UK -- right now the iPhone 4S and HTC Sensation XE hover around the same £500-530 price point. Interestingly, Clove says it's also confirmed that the 32GB Galaxy Nexus won't be making it to British shores, instead limiting consumers to the 16GB model.

If £515 up-front is a bit much to swallow, then Three, O2 and Vodafone have also announced that they'll be carrying subsidized Galaxy Nexuses starting next month. However, details of pricing and availability for the carrier-subsidized versions have yet to been offered.

Source: Clove Blog


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SIM-free UK Galaxy Nexus coming early Nov. for £515, says retailer


Will probably be less, Clove often advertise things early with an inflated price to cover themselves.

Wow, UK is all over it today. Come on US carriers, lets see when, where and how much. Yes, I know it's rumored for Verizon November 10th at $299 but I'd like to see some pre-orders!

If only a 16GB version will hit the EU, then a SD slot will be a must.
If there's none, I'll have to wait until other ICS buttonless devices make there way to the stores.

I'll be checking the site fanatically for a Verizon announcement. I want to one of the first to pre-order.

I'm now considering waiting for something better. I can go without a card slot if the price were low enough. But if this thing is going to be $700 for 16GB, I'm out.