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Reports out of South Korea suggest that Samsung is getting set to launch an LTE-Advanced version of the Galaxy S5 later this month. The device is said to sport a Snapdragon 805 SoC and can reportedly achieve download speeds of up to 225Mbps.

However it's unclear whether this device could be the much-rumored Galaxy S5 Prime, or "Galaxy F," the purported super-flagship phone from the Korean manufacturer. Recent reports referenced a metallic chassis and a Quad HD screen with a resolution of 2560x1440 for Samsung's "Prime," a claim repeated by Yonhap News and The Korea Times today in relation to the reported LTE-A GS5.

While there is no way to confirm either claim, both publications mention that Samsung will launch this new handset later this month, which means that we shouldn't have to wait long to find out.

The standard version of the Galaxy S5, which features a Snapdragon 801 SoC, has an LTE Cat 4 modem, which allows it to achieve a download speed of 150Mbps. The Snapdragon 805, meanwhile, would be paired with a Qualcomm MDM9635 modem, which gives it the ability to hit download speeds of 225Mbps.

As for specific release dates, Yonhap News mentions that the LTE-A version of the Galaxy S5 is scheduled to launch on SK Telecom on June 19.

So what do you think — does a QHD version of the Galaxy S5 with LTE-A connectivity seem likely?

Source: Yonhap News, Korea Times; via: SamMobile


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Snapdragon 805-equipped Galaxy S5 LTE-A tipped for imminent Korean launch


At one point it seemed Google released a new Android version every couple months and that rapid iteration was actually key to its success (as well as some of the issues it still faces). Being the 800 pound gorilla, I think Samsung can afford to flood the market as much as it wants. I've never bought a Samsung phone / tablet btw, but the number of devices they put out would be the least of my reasons for passing on them.

I don't mind them flooding the market, but it sucks when they release a flagship, and then ANOTHER flagship 4-5 months later. As a Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 owner, I am currently feeling this pain. Had I known better, I would've gladly waited until July for a 3gb version.

Well it seems like a Korea only model. It's similar to what happened to the S4 at Korea. Rumour has it that the LG G3 is also coming out with a 805 Chip soon over there.

I guess the 805 is now available for use

G3 is miles better than any Samsung device out there now

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It is pretty obvious that QHD is worth at least 5-6 more miles than 1080p. By using SuperMario measurements as refernce one could claim that for Mario to run through a QHD field compared to a 1080p field, it would take him about 5-6 miles more.

Updates? When you buy a car how often do you take it back to the dealer to update your seats?
So when you buy a phone that's almost perfect for you how often are you worried about updates?

Samsung has a lot of updates.

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"Miles" is a strong word. On paper specs are marginally better. In real world use the S5 shines in camera quality and screen quality. (despite the G3s higher pixel count)

I still don't understand why anyone cares. It's awesome they release so many phones. More options for the consumer. You don't have to spend any money on them, and it doesn't make what you bought any worse...

i think they wish that they could spend $800/year and have the latest version available as it comes out. sadly they spend $600 and are stuch with which ever version was available at the moment.

For some people a phone is sort of a status symbol. They can boast that they bought the very latest/fastest/best phone. They feel that they should be able to do that as long as possible.
If they focused that energy on something more positive in their life, the rewards would be greater.

Seriously haha. Who gives a crap. You obviously bought that phone because you thought it was good and would do the things you needed. Now that a new one is out, it doesn't make yours any worse. I'm still using my Note 2 because it does everything I need and I don't see anything better (worth the money) out there right now.

'You obviously bought that phone because you thought it was good and would do the things you needed.'

Well, it has been established, even if not officially so, that the S series is Samsung's flagship phone in a non-phablet form factor. So when people bought the S5, I'm sure many of them assumed that this was going to be Samsung's flagship for the next year. If they'd known there would be a better one out in a few months running a Snapdragon 805, they probably would've waited.
It would be like if Apple released the iPhone 6 later this year, and then released the 'iPhone 6 Pro' in early 2015. This is just Samsung pulling the rug out from underneath everyone, just as they're doing with the Tab S models. And it's especially bad that they lied about the existence of this phone when asked.

Na that's bs. Regardless if Samsung releases another phone in 2 months or not, there are going to be 805 phones out at that time. And guess what? 810s out few months later!!! If they really needed the 805 (they don't) they could have waited.

We're at a point where the processor upgrade doesn't do all that much. Like I said, my Note 2 still does everything I need it to. It's an old exynos quad. The first quad core phone in the US. 2 years old...and it still does everything fine. Yeah maybe apps take 0.01 seconds longer to open. It doesn't mean things don't function. They will still have access to all the same apps over the next few years that any other phone released in the next 6 months will.

' Regardless if Samsung releases another phone in 2 months or not, there are going to be 805 phones out at that time.'

That's doubtful, esp in a non-phablet form. Maybe the Nexus will have it in Oct or Nov, but it's not going to have the other perks that Galaxy phones have, like the SD card slot and removable battery. (Not to mention a built-in do not disturb mode, the lack of which personally pisses me off more than the other two.)
I don't really care much about the 805, but if they release it in the US with 3gb of RAM and or 32mb storage options, I certainly wouldn't blame S5 owners for being pissed.

Seems like a waste of development to make the same phone in so many different variants. There is no way other than looking at benchmarks that you'd be able to tell a performance difference between the different versions.

This is not about benchmarks, the majority of the population does NOT care about benchmarks, it's about trying to cover all the demographic areas, not everyone can afford a high end top BENCHMARK phone.
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They did the same thing with the GS4.

Good for Samsung to be pushing a product out there ASAP with a 805.

225mbps holy crap. These phones are going to become hand grenades.

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Thanks for the post.
Actually Samsung sould lunch this so called s5 prime instead of so called regular s5. But as they wanna more business deal....they are behaving so....means near similar products with different looks. If Samsung will not lunch the s5 prime soon with 805 snapdragon along with minimum 3 GB RAM ...32GB internal storage. .......QHD screen. ...metal body...n so on on....they they are far behind then LG race...which Samsung should do before LG.
Thanks on Advanced

I think it will happen, just not right away here in the US. Mainly because most people don't have access to those types of download speeds to begin with.