The red and blue backs for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport

Sprint has announced it will sell the fitness-themed Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport, their version of the Galaxy S5 Active, starting on July 25.

Like the Active, the Galaxy S5 Sport will have a 5.1 inch display, along with a 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor and Android 4.4.2 KitKat. It will also have 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. Unlike the Active, Sprint will sell the Sport in two different colors, Electric Blue and Cherry Red. It also has a different case, with a textured back that Sprint claims makes it easier to hold.

The phone will come pre-loaded with MapMyFitness, an app developed by the Under Armour company that's best known for its athletic wear. Sprint states:

MapMyFitness uses GPS to track all fitness activities, and records workout details, including duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned and route traveled on an interactive map

People who purchase the Sport will get a free year of MVP service for the same app. The Sport will be the flagship for the carrier's Sprint Fit Liveapp package. It stated it will offer customers "instant access to their favorite fitness applications and activities, relevant health information when they want it and integration capability with their Spotify playlists."

The Galaxy S5 Sport will support Sprint's Spark network, which offers selected markets faster LTE speeds with peaks of up to 60Mbps. Sprint current has Spark support available in 27 U.S. metropolitan areas.

Sprint is also offering people a $50 discount on the Galaxy Gear Fit smartwatch with a purchase of the Galaxy S5 Sport, along with 50 percent off the price of a number of selected sport headphones.

Sprint has revealed that customers can get the phone for $0 down and 24 monthly payments of $27.09. That means the off-contract price of the phone will likely be $650.

What do you think of this new Samsung Galaxy S5 variant and is the Sport's design more appealing than the Active?

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport bringing hard buttons and texture to Sprint


Looks like Samsung is back to their old games ... Thank god they didn't call it Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5, Epic 4G Touch Sport

What's the point of these colors if the users are just going to just slap a case on it and hide the color? Especially ya know if like 84.76567% of smartphone users use cases.... /Sarcasm

Who has never heard this ^^^^ before.

I do like this phone though.

Posted via Android Central App

1. Clear view cases
2. 15.23433% still like to show off phones with no cases.

Posted via Android Central App

Actually you are correct. I was taking a jab at the comments made in every HTC article whenever the design and build are mentioned.

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I always tell those people that some people use cases some of the time. Most people don't believe once you put a case on the phone it can never be removed again.

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Nope. Don't use cases at all. People who buy these specialty phones won't put a case on it most likely. I know people who have the active. None of them use cases.

Hate to burst a bubble here. I just got this phone today. I really love it however, there's an issue if you want to slap a cover/case on this. As compared to to it's regular S5 counterpart, there are a few distinctions in the shell. Luckily I scrutinized and compared before making any purchases. For one, it has actual buttons on the front which the S5 does not. So you will not be able to slap a full case covering for this, it will need to have an open front and be careful of screen protectors you get for it. It's similar but not exactly like the Active sold by AT&T, the buttons don't match exactly. Also, the start up button on the right side is placed significantly lower that the S5. In reality, you can't get a cover for this. I know this will change once it's been out on the market a while but, that's probably months down the road. Luckily it's got a rugged shell already and it's water resistant, I'll just slap an Active screen protector on it for now.

Agreed. It would have been nice if they could do the camouflage of the US Navy fatigues on this phone.

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The only practical use case would be impractical by definition. "Oops...dropped my phone while hunting and I can't find it now." Camouflage out of context is ridiculous.

On the galaxy s5 there's only one logo and it's not that big

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

Because it's aerodynamic has a spoiler attachments case and comes with an 801 turbo processor quad exhaust.

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This must be the car nerd section of Android Central.

Posted via my M9, X+1, N910, G906, Z3, G4, or G Pro 3

You guys realize that Sprint ordered it this way don't you? It is not like it is a worldwide release

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They ordered what Samsung offers. Hence this is the Active. Problem is it still causes a variant. Just like with the S3 or two or whatever. It still causes confusion.

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looks like the American carriers are back at it again, I wouldn't say Samsung's fully at fault. Sprint and AT&T likely wanetd their exclusives..

We just purchased our new Samsung Galaxy S 5 Sport Sunday. Heck I never used or really got to know my Iphone 4, then we decided to go with this new phone. So far I like it. My husband's phone battery seems to last a lot longer than mine, and he has been using his phone more than I have. I may be taking mine back to Sprint to let them know, and maybe they will give me another one. We'll see. But so far, we are very impressed with this new phone. I don't see anything about the phone that is ugly! I have the blue one and I actually like it. If any of you have purchased this phone and have any tips on probably most that we have no idea about, I would appreciate you sharing! Thank you in advance!