Galaxy S5 Mini leaked picture

Samsung still hasn't announced its Galaxy S5 Mini, but given the latest leaks of pictures and full specs of the device we have a hard time denying its existence at this point. Coming courtesy of a tipster to SamMobile, we have some high-resolution looks at a purported Galaxy S5 Mini, alongside a laundry list of specs sheets that confirm what we had heard from earlier leaks.

The pictures show off a phone that looks distinctly like the full-sized Galaxy S5, with a soft touch back panel, chrome accents, fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor. The tipster indicates that the device is indeed IP67 dust- and water-resistant, though there's no flap over the USB port like its counterpart (we certainly wish this design decision was made on the original). On the internals, we're looking at a 4.5-inch 720p display, an Exynos 3 Quad (3470) 1.4GHz processor, 1.5GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and an 8MP camera. Miniature size, miniaturized specs.

Galaxy S5 Mini leaked picture

The leak also shows that the Galaxy S5 Mini is running Android 4.4.2 and has all of the same software features as the original, such as Ultra Power Saving Mode. You can head to the source link below and see even more pictures of the unreleased S5 Mini next to the original.

Does the idea of a 4.5-inch version of the Galaxy S5 get you excited to try it for yourself? Or are the lower specs enough to turn you away? Let us know in the comments.

Source: SamMobile


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Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini found to have familiar design and features, lower specs than the original


Wouldn't touch another Samsung phone after my GS4 if my life depended on it.
No S5 or S5 Mine.
I hate KNOX.......

What's wrong with your gs4?mines is fine sure it released with a buggy firmware but after the app2sd update I received (I think 2 months after release) it's been a great device for me personally.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

Well going into an article about a Samsung phone just to say he/she will never use a Samsung phone is not exactly trying to further meaningful conversation is it?

Posted via Android Central App

If its on VZW, this might replace my RAZR M. I need a micro SD card slot.

Posted via Android Central App

We will see. If the Moto X is too big, I won't be getting it.

Posted via Android Central App

Moto X the greatest Phone ever made but yes if they make the form factor bigger I won't buy

Posted via Android Central App

Not terrible I guess...not great either.

Serious question. How do you have an open port and still maintain the waterproofing? I would kinda think an open port that you can plug electrical stuff into would be a serious fault point...

Notice how the water-protecting rubber is going around the speaker in the inside. The speaker itself is waterproof, that's really not that complicated to do if it's only supposed to handle pressure down to 1 m.

Actually I've always wondered why cell phone manufacturers have resorted to using a rubber plug on the USB port for a supposedly water-resistant phone. Why not have the necessary electrical contacts simply embedded directly into the plastic edge of the phone? Assuming the contacts are tightly into the plastic (or perhaps some silicon compound) water will not be able to enter the interior of the phone. We only need to move electrons into the phone, and unlike water they are capable of moving through solid (metallic) material. And if you use gold contacts you don't have to worry about corrosion if they get wet.

Those lower specs wouldn't bug me on any phone running stock android or sense. But touchwiz, well it lags on my s600 and 2gb of ram so who know?

Posted via My Ever-Bloated S4

Eh who knows, I just feel like I got a poorly optimized software on my phone. Other users have different experiences, but mine is fast, but not fluid like sense or stock. Touchwiz does bring good things too

Posted via My Ever-Bloated S4

I hear ya. I really did not like the S4 much until that 1st update fixed most of the issues. It was laggy as anything. After the update though I had no issues really to speak of.

Laggy and bloat are becoming buzzwords like troll. Very overused and used very incorrectly most of the time.

I am no fan of stock by any means, but I will say that I would love to get back into Sense (with a Touchwiz camera). Unfortunately it does not do what I need it to do (Note 3 daily driver, big S Pen user).

Touchwiz, though custom ROMs, has been proven that it can be significantly trimmed without cutting functionality. There is some seriously crappy programming in there. As a developer, I have to say that they are spreading the programming duties across several different "groups" and not sharing enough code. Lots of overlap from what I understand, even in my limited Android programming knowledge.

Wow!! Less power + same crappy TouchWiz UI = Super Laggy S5...I think I'll keep my N5, thanks! ;)

Posted via My Nexus 5.

Wow!! Your head up your own a** + opinion no one cares about = super douchy N5 owner... Sent from my laggy S5 while taking underwater pictures that are still better than yours.

Wow!! Overly defensive + overreacting + insatiable need to justify purchase = S5 owner.

Perhaps think of being a little more considerate next time? Or better yet, just don't engage in fruitless argument-baiting. K?

Posted via Android Central App

I'm not gonna lie, I like your reply. Perhaps I already considered those points but occasionally run thin on patience for people who think their phone is the single greatest piece of hardware conceived by man. K?

Hans, the glaring bright lights of the truth...well, you get what you bring upon....

I agree with MERCDROID, it's hilarious, in an ironic way, actually pathetic to watch over and over and over again.

And you wonder why you all are so appreciated.

Not bad last year the screen was 960*540 soo its good its 720 specs seem fine for this but nothing mind blowing

Sent from my Nexus 7 2013 or iPhone 5

The title of the article seems to imply a surprise, at the fact that this mini has lesser specs than its full sized "mother", just like the S4 mini and S3 Mini, before it. \_0_/

Considering that Sony managed to make a 'mini' with the exact same specs, it should be something of a surprise. (Though not a large one)

I think in this case, however, they're more surprised at how closely the mini matches the regular S5 in design and features. Especially considering how awful the S3 and S4 mini were.

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It the same as last years model. The mini means last years components and rename to this year flagship model. For example S5 Mini = S4 components and minus one level of screen resolution of previous flagship model.

I would only consider this smartphone if it had 2GB of RAM on the International version. I've already been burned by Samsung with my S3 International version not getting the KitKat update because it doesn't have 2GB of RAM and bloated TouchWiz. I like the idea of a smaller phone. I still want to check out the next Nexus smartphone before making my mind up......

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