Samsung Galaxy S5

Rogers, Bell, TELUS, and many of the smaller Canadian providers will be selling the Galaxy S5.

Hot on the heels from the announcement at Mobile World Congress, we've got confirmation that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be coming to all of the big service providers across Canada. That includes Bell, Eastlink, Fido, Koodo, MTS, Rogers, SaskTel, TELUS, Videotron, Virgin Mobile and WIND Mobile.

The Rogers reserve system is ready to go for eager Galaxy S5 owners-to-be, while TELUS has notification mailing list set up, as has Bell. Bell's confirmed that we'll see the device in April, which bodes well for the other two carriers.

Any Canadians going to be hopping on the Samsung Galaxy S5?


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Samsung Galaxy S5 confirmed across major Canadian providers


No interest in the Galaxy S 5. I currently have the Galaxy Note 3 and really like it but now that I own an LG G pad tablet I am thinking of going with an lg phone. This tablet is awesome and I like the UI interface. My wife has an s4 and I'm not seeing the huge difference in the specs between it and the s5 to upgrade.

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Little underwhelmed by the S5 announcement, definitely happy with my LG G2 purchase. Hurry up LG Canada, I want me some Kitkat love!!!

I was worried that i've buyed a Note 3 too fast...

The S5 got great specs... But i think the Note 3 is still the top leading smartphone of the year!

Note 3 for the win!

Won't be getting an S5 unless someone gives one to me (or I win a contest or something) or unless Robbers has a really low price on them for the first bit (yeah right!). Hopefully the arrival of the S5 will drop the prices on the Note 3 by a bit.

Maybe there will be a bundle with the gear.. oh wait, why would I need a watch? I haven't had watch in YEARS....