Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is almost upon us – or actually upon us in some cases – and for folks in selected countries your purchase comes with a musical value added bonus. Music subscription service Deezer has partnered with Samsung to offer a free 6-month subscription package with the Galaxy S5 that's worth £60/€60 in value.

Deezer hasn't yet made it to the U.S., – sorry folks – but for those picking one up in Europe this is a great deal to get with the phone. The Deezer catalog is pretty well packed out with music, and the subscription level of the package will allow for full access and offline caching.

via MusicWeek


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Samsung Galaxy S5 coming with 6-months free Deezer music in selected countries


Would that apply to those of use who already subscribe to Deezer? BTW Deezer is awesome, I've tried Spotify, Rdio, and Google but I finally ended back up with Deezer.

Probably need a new account? could probably sign up again, get free 6 months, then go back to paying on your old account?

Stop showing the blue one, it's not like any US carrier will have them at launch...if ever even :-(

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