Galaxy S5 Active reportedly coming to Sprint and AT&T, Galaxy Mega 2 bound for China

A deluge of information regarding upcoming Samsung handsets has leaked online. According to @evleaks, the Galaxy S5 Prime is headed to Europe as the SM-G901. The device will reportedly be offered in blue, black, white and gold, just like its plastic-clad sibling. Along with the Galaxy S5 Prime, the leak reveals carrier availability and model numbers for the Galaxy S5 Active and the Galaxy Mega 2.

The Galaxy S5 Active, which was rumored to head to Sprint and AT&T yesterday, will reportedly be available on both networks, in addition to Bell Canada (SM-G870W). The Sprint version (SM-G860P) will be offered in blue and black color variants, while the AT&T version (SM-G870A) will feature dark green, greenish blue, ruby red, and titanium silver color variations.

Details on the 6-inch Galaxy Mega 2 include a model number SM-G750A in addition to the carriers the device will be available on. Along with AT&T, the Mega 2 is said to launch on several carriers in China and Taiwan with differing model numbers. According to @evleaks, the Mega 2 will be available in three color variants: brown, black, and white.

There is also a mention of a new Gear wearable with a model number SM-R382. This could likely be the Gear Fitness, a term Samsung trademarked in the US last month. Or it could even be the Gear Glass.

Source: @evleaks


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Galaxy S5 Active reportedly coming to Sprint and AT&T, Galaxy Mega 2 bound for China


I'm surprised that Samsung is actually shrinking the size of the Mega. Not surprised to see the Active go to Sprint and At&t. I'm curious about the Prime, though. Other than the screen, I wonder what other differentiators Samsung will include to distinguish it from the regular S5.

What's the point of the active when the S5 has all the "whatever proof" standards as the S4 active did?

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My guess is that the S5 active will add a nice bit of rubber cushioning around it, on top of dust and water resistance the vanilla S5 gets.

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If people wait a month after launch, it will be free on contact. I don't see these selling like hotcakes unless there's a must have component.... but I doubt it.

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Hm...I remember a podcast sometime last year where I think Alex or Andrew talked about possible reasonings behind the Mega's existence.
Tons of spare materials left over after the S and Note series are on the shelves...I couldn't agree more.
For some reason though, I thought they'd kill off that line. Didnt know it did well enough for a sequel.
But like Phil said "someone's buying it, somewhere.."

Posted from my caseless GS5. Because I believe in myself.

But then again I was just at a college graduation and saw 5 of them...

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I wish I could be in board room to witness the strategy talks the Samsung Execs are having. When a company like Samsung makes between 5-7 billion (as in B) dollars of profit each quarter it's hard to argue they are not doing something right.

They seem to want to blanket the market with Samsung brand recognition everywhere. Some people will hate them for it (just read the comments section whenever an article about them goes up), but despite the hatred they just keep on making more money.

At some point things will level off, but it doesn't appear to be the case anytime soon.