Samsung Galaxy S5 teardown

The Samsung Galaxy S5 isn't due to start sales until April 11th, but that's never been cause to pause for those that would take it apart. In this case, Russians. The comrades over at got their hands on the upcoming smartphone from Samsung and tore it asunder. Well, more accurately they meticulously disassembled it.

Getting into the Galaxy S5 proved to be trouble, as the 5.1-inch 1080p display is held on not with screws or double-sided tape, but with an adhesive that required substantial prying, wedging, and softening with a heat gun. As the Galaxy S5 is water resistant, we'd expect it to be hard to get into.

Once the screen was removed, underneath was found an array of smartphone parts. You know, processors, flash chips, cameras, sensors, speakers. Stuff like that. The usual kind of stuff you'd expect to see inside a smartphone. Of course, we don't recommend you do this with your own Galaxy S5 if you get one, as doing so is definitely cause to void your warranty, and you'll probably not be able to put it back together again well enough to ensure that IP67 water and dust resistance rating is restored. But, if you do, we'd recommend you not be like the Russians: when you take the battery out, leave it out.



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Samsung Galaxy S5 acquired by Russians, promptly torn apart


They started by removing the screen? That sounds totally backward.

Assuming the construction is similar to the S4, they could have followed Ifixit's procedure in their teardown report, which incidentally, they gave the S4 an 8 out of 10 rating for maintainability.

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Incidentally, not only that the S4 was actually fixable...but it was 10 times better looking than S5. Incidentally, "sammy" fanboys now have less (almost nothing really) to bitch about the likes of M8 or Z2.

A place called best buy, a select number of them, have the gs5 on display.

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Haha I guess the bigger bezels make the s5 better to hold keep dreaming the s4 had near perfect feel in the hand Samsung went backwards by adding more bezel to the top and sides making the phone even wider.

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They went backwards by adding water resistance?

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Yes NoNsense, according to the article, they did go backward.

So much for your 'drop and shatter' self repairability claim.

Based on this article, I'm wondering about the 'two percent' hysterical fast and easy battery swap freaks.

Your constantly deceptive, sarcastic, and pompous comments are rapidly destroying any shred of credibility you think you have.

They Annexed it from Samsung, The S5 does speak Russian and Putin has an Obligation to protect those who speak Russian, then the S5 held a Vote to become apart of Russia.

Just another reason why not to mess with the Russians. Only the Ukrainians are scarier...

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Let me guess, ifixit will give a 8 out of 10, but it will still be railed upon because PLASTIC

Even thought all those scratch and dent phones will be in PLASTIC or RUBBER
You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Incorrect. There are a high percentage of people who don't want a case. I'm sure it's less than half but still a significant portion of smartphone owners.

I have never put a case on my S3, and have smashed it, dropped it 20 times, never broke or even have a scratch on the screen. I dropped it hard enough to open the back and the battery popped out from a fall. As much as I hate TW, they do build the phones pretty well, even if it is plastic.

It often takes a while for techical specialists to refine the strip down procedure for a new device; so I expect this process will improve over time for the GS5. However, most designes are moving towards sealed dustproof and waterproof construction. This is bound to make repairs more difficult.
Looking at the HTC one (M8), this Samsung and the latest Sony; Android has serious contenders in build and capability, to match the work of Apple and Nokia. If anything, Samsung is lagging the others in style and finish; I hope they improve things for the Note 4.
Awesome AC.

Hopefully a developer will release a fix to turn the window-switch capacitive key that samsung put on the left, back into acting as the menu key as it should be.

No, it shouldn't be that way! Just because Samsung phones have done it that way for too long doesn't mean they should keep it that way. Apps are designed so the menu key should appear at the top right-hand corner. That's how Google wanted it, and Samsung has been one of the few holdouts to stick to their own way of doing things.

Now what are all the Sammy fan boys gonna say now that their beloved GS5 is no more repairable than the M8 and Z2.

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