Sprint has started rolling out a new over-the-air update to its Samsung Galaxy S4 devices that support Sprint Spark, enabling them to use international Wi-Fi calling features for the first time.

Sprint states:

"This new feature allows those traveling abroad with Wi-Fi Calling enabled phones to make and receive calls to friends and family in the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico at no additional charge while connected to a Wi-Fi network."

This new feature is supported in 100 countries. Sprint added that it will update more of its smartphones with this international Wi-Fi calling feature throughout the rest of 2014. What do you think of Sprint adding this feature to the Galaxy S4.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 with Sprint Spark adds international Wi-Fi calling


Do you have the Spark logo in your status bar? If not, you don't have the Spark version.

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Or you're just not in an area that has spark.... Just check the model number under about in settings and compare it to the one mentioned before.

You have the same logo. It shows the Spark logo everywhere. Spark market not necessary.

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Well then I am less familiar with the S4 then I thought. When I'm on 3g it says 3g and nothing else then shows bars. That is the M8 though

The spark phones show 3g in a circle. The spark logo for LTE regardless of which band it is on.

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Its long overdue; we can only hope the other carriers catch on, and not just for international calls. VOLTE needs to happen everywhere.

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Probably so. I wonder if all S4 currently being sold have this ability, or if the user has to know that a different model exists? :)

I just switched to Sprint and ordered my wife a S4. Unknown that it was different versions of the phone etc. The one we received has wifi calling and i assume the spark circle logo thingy in the status bar.

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All S4s sold since the Spark-capable model was introduced, have been the Spark-capable model. They are not and were not sold side-by-side.

Voice over wi-fi is a good alternative while local when your coverage is spotty. Being able to make calls while out of the country without having to use Google Voice or Viber allows users to have less apps on their devices.

While many will talk about Sprint and T Mobile, at least they are doing things to improve the user experience!