Samsung Galaxy S II

Update: Hate to say we told you so, but ... yeah. Verizon got up with Engadget, saying this is all about the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and not the Galaxy S II. Move along, folks.

The Samsung Galaxy S II is now rumored for release on Verizon in July. That comes from an unnamed Verizon spokeswoman communicating with Computer World via e-mail. Words like "plan for" and "expected to" are also used, along with "no date yet."

In other words, maybe it'll be released in July. (And possibly as the Verizon Function.)

You'll have to forgive our skeptical tone, but until we see the official press release with the official date -- well, let's just say we've seen unofficial Verizon roadmaps miss the mark, the very drawn-out saga of the HTC ThunderBolt launch (not to mention the Droid Charge), the entire revamping of the Droid Bionic hardware -- and, of course, the near-killing off of the HTC Merge.

In the immortal words Boo-Boo Bera, the lesser known fictional cousin of Yankee Yogi Berra, "it ain't official till it's official, folks."

Source: Computer World; update: Engadget

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cheburashka says:

...and I heard from this guy, who's friend's cousin's brother's former college room mate...

john_v says:

Hey! That looks like an iphone! Only cooler!

aapold says:

Function? srsly?

I suppose it is better than the Sprint "Within" or AT&T "Attain".

If the latter flops it will become "a taint". But of course it won't flop. The name will become cool because it is a galaxy2. Still, marketing fail IMHO.

Why not name the models after actual galaxies?

It would be much cooler to buy the "verizon M-31, aka Andromeda", e.g..

cheburashka says:

Now THAT is a friggin awesome idea! :) Who tha hell thought of those ridiculous names anyway? Within? Really? FAIL!


Asterisk says:

They forgot to ask you..
- Shapoklyak

zourtney says:

Awesome idea. Too bad the marketing departments (at apparently ALL US carriers!) disagree. There have been some seriously lame names coming out lately. I really can't fathom what they think this rebranding is accomplishing. The latest SGS2 names Function, Attain, and Within take the cake.

Oh gosh. I cringed when I typed "Within". Ugh. I cringed again (not joking).

As for the debunked rumor: drats. I'm holding out for that one. Please let it come before Christmas. My ancient iPhone 3G can't last me much longer :-/

Pierce09 says:

I can't wait for this to drop on Verizon so I can finally get rid of my ancient Droid Eris. I'll finally have a high-end Android phone. My Eris is killing me lately.

renzi555 says:

Yogi... Boo Boo... I see what you did there.

Awesome device

meccariello says:

I bet if someone came out with an android phone whos formfactor fit iPhone and all its accessories out there , it would sell a ton

mgvotaw says:

You know the verizon version will forever be known as the fucktion if that gay branding sticks. This phone is a sexy beast, why not call it the Jolie... Fast, furious, and customizable!

frozencloud says:

why dont samsung name these phones after galaxy's name or stars for what i care....kinda make sense since it's a "galaxy s" phone.

But yeah, where is the AT&T love?

svinyard says:


Just read it on Engadget. It was a miscommunication. It was in reference to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for VZW.
But instead of the Function, they should call it the "Scorpion". I know that's the nickname of the 2nd Gen Snapdragon's, but come on, who wouldn't want to own a SGS2 "Scorpion"? One of the reasons I got the "Thunderbolt" over the "Charge". ;-)

noxlord says:

I don't see why Samsung would do a cdma version of the GSII just for Verizon in the US.

dmm5157 says:

Sprint is also getting the GSII, possibly as soon as next month (Samsung Within), so Verizon wouldn't be the only CDMA GSII.

eric6052 says:

They did 2 versions of the original Galaxy for CDMA in the US, the Epic 4G and the Fascinate on Verizon. Samsung is in business to sell phones and between Verizon and Sprint they have 140 million customers and Samsung is not going to leave that money on the table.

cheburashka says:

Maybe there is still time to get the cariers to rename the phones then?

I say let's all hit them up on facebook, twitter, etc and let them know we HATE the names and want new ones, named after galaxies or stars, or no deal. Maybe it will work.

colbysbb says:

Here is the wikipedia list of names of stars. A lot of these would be great names for the sgs2

Jon Niola says:

Bah that is disappointing. Wish Verizon was getting some exciting phones. Sorry the Bionic does not do it for me.

denmcdon says:

That device is too good for verizon. They will get another flip phone that's for sure but high end devices, forget fail fail.

dchawk81 says:

It doesn't say "Epic 4g" anywhere on my device so if they keep up that trend I don't care what it's called.

balthuszar says:

or you could call it the sgsII, galaxy s 2, or whatever the heck you want...who cares what a phone is called?