Samsung Galaxy Gear unboxing

Don't call this a Samsung Galaxy Gear unboxing. You know how we feel about unboxings around here. Instead, consider this a video wherein we take a look at the retail box for the Galaxy Gear, open it, remove the contents, and go about our merry way — all on video.

No, instead, consider this a ... fine. It's a Samsung Galaxy Gear unboxing. Enjoy!

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GCN7897 says:

I understand that it currently only works with the Note 3. Any word on when it will be compatible with S4?

jonathan3579 says:

Hopefully it's not a OS-level update because that could easily mean a slow turnaround for U.S. carriers.

purplekiss23 says:

Maybe this will help. I was was reading online and found this.

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In the middle of this month, it will be available to use with your s4.

masterpfa says:

This is all a joke. Why bother.
OK I realise we have to start somewhere. But in this case, count me out

ne0ne says:

Whats with the reflective silver stuff on the desk ?

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TeknoBug says:

HUH a $300 watch that only works with one device?

Come on Samsung.

ne0ne says:

When they announced it they specified it would only work with the Note 3 at launch. They also said other Samsung phones will eventually have support.

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gravage says:

It's still a massive fail. They are severely limiting their initial sales, unless they think everyone is going to run out and buy a Note 3 just to use that watch, which doesn't last more than a day on a charge.

This thing is just extremely disappointing to me. It's like they chose power over practicality.

Bwahahahaha says:

Agreed! Don't really have much to add to that... that's exactly how I feel about this device.

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m0scs says:

Great Non Unboxing vid! Needs more functionality and be compatible with other phones before it will get much serious interest. Even then I think it's going to be a niche market that will shell out so much. On the plus side it's less nerdy than Google Glass!

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