Come chat about Samsung's latest Galaxy

The new Samsung Galaxy Alpha is official and it's no doubt got a lot of people talking about it. In a bold change in direction, Samsung has put a metal frame on one of its premium phones that have previously been dominated by plastic.

So, where better to carry on the discussions than in the Android Central Forums. The Galaxy Alpha forums are now open for business and awaiting your visit, so come drop by at the link below.

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The Samsung Galaxy Alpha forums are open for business


Its the same look...are they ever going to change the design? I had the note Galaxy 3, 4 , 5 and the note 2 and 3 and i'm SO over this design. I'm switching to another provider if they don't change the look and design. I'm totally over it!

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy iPhone is announced. A downgrade of the S5 in almost every area, but now finally with the authentic iPhone look.

I think you should submit a design draft to Samsung. I'm sure since you're complaining about the current design language, you have some design ideas of your own right? Send Samsung your fresh ideas.

My thoughts exactly. They can't say "to keep costs down" , because I'm sure it's gonna be around $700 like all other flagship phones.

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Well. I guess I won't be returning my S5 that I got on Sunday.
I'm highly disappointed that they didn't make this water resistant.
They got the premium look, but left out a premium feature :|

Who told you water proofing is a premium feature? Nobody. Noone is trying to take their mobile device in the swimming pool or shower.
Having covers over ports doesn't make a device water resistant. Nor does a rubber ring inside a flimsy back cover. If you bought that line from Samsung, I know some water front property in Arizona you could get for cheap.

I actually do, frequently. Also a store manager at AT&T where I find myself answering calls while taking a shower. Also find myself getting caught in a random storm with no umbrella.
Apparently I have to justify the need for a water resistant phone.

"Samsung has put a metal frame on one of its premium phones"? What premium phone? 720p, 1800mAh battery and 2GB RAM (with Touchwiz) is not a premium phone.

Looks like Samsung is taking baby steps to test the market. Future products should be awesome if the Alpha is well received.

My thoughts exactly. If you begin to thing like a profit hungry company vs a feature hungry consumer it all make sense. It's even called the "Alpha" in "Let's first see if we can still make big margins when using metal"


You have one of the most recognizable products in the world. Your brand is your look. You do not change it radically, you do it incrementally so that consumers can draw a line from the S2 to the S12.

This is what separates hobbyists from consumers. We look at these things day in and day out and see the same stuff. Mom and pop look at it once every two years and go 'WOW, they changed this and that and it looks_____'

I have come to expect harsh around here but this is on a whole new level. Actually it is just moving the goalposts to fit the hate.

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You nailed it. Sad part is this "moving the goalposts to fit the hate" is now occurring with every Samsung release on every Android-related site. If I had any stake in Android I'd be embarrassed to have such fans, but only until the next Android marketshare numbers were ready lol.

Yeah I know. I only comment here but read all the others as well from time to time. The hate is so strong everywhere even though they are the market leader and continuously trying to do new things.

On these kinds of sites it comes back to what I said, the hobbyists want purity (nexus). Consumers want features. There is a balance between the two, we just have not found it yet. The X and HTC are close but they shoot themselves in the foot all the time...

You act like HTC and LG or Sony are not locked into a design. Granted it has only been two years for LG and HTC, but they had to find their footing.

The big difference between iPhone and Samsung (in reality all of Android) is that the packaging really is not what sets things apart, it is the software/features behind it.

duh! Everyone knows that the biggest difference is the OS. It still looks like the same crap.

Lets be clear...

NO MicroSD
No Removable Battery
SMALL ASS SCREEN ( why not get an iphoney) LOL
Metal body
Smaller battery ...

And you see no reason for people to hate. Get real!

This phone has everything that a samsung fanboy hates:

No microSD
No removable battery
Tiny Battery size
Metal body

The phone looks nothing like an iPhone in fact it looks like a samsung phone with metal sides. Apple was not the only company that uses metal on their phones and I don't know that choice of materials used is copying. I really don't know what materials can be used for mas production and also cost effective than the ones currently used. Some of you need to get real seriously.. Lol 

Just look at the financial results for Samsung. The consumers ARE speaking very clearly but Samsung is clearly deaf.

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A bold change in direction?? Really? Boring/same ole same may work better than any other phone with lots of new features, but I'd rather see it look like one of their 3 button Active devices.

I just hope this is not a sign of things to come from Samsung.
No removable/changeable battery and no sd slot.
I'd rather have both of those over a metal frame any day of the week.
It just looks like a mini version of the Galaxy mega spec wise.

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Hi! I have a new Alpha, just over 28 days old and already it's in for repair. The screen lighting has gone, leaving me with a black screen, if i tap it it comes back, often it's black when I get it out of my bag, it doesn't go when I'm using it. Removing and replacing the battery generally doesn't rectify it. The buttons don't work when this happens and I can't even switch it off....So, new phone and new contract and no phone! Apparently they're ordering a replacement lcd, but it's the lighting behind the screen or a loose connection, not the screen that's not working! Any advice or thoughts please? One unhappy samsung three user who just left a trusty iPhone behind.