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Attention benevolent people of Canada! This is your friendly Canadian reminder that along with the grand opening of the ShopAndroid Canada store, we're giving you a completely reasonable 15 percent off all accessories this weekend. Just used the code GrandOpening at checkout and we'll be more than happy to discount your Canadian merchandise. It's all part of being your one-stop-shop for the latest Android news, reviews, opinions and (of course) accessories.


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Reminder: Save 15 percent this weekend from ShopAndroid U.S. - and ShopAndroid Canada!


Not to be hateful but IMO you guys shouldn't post "articles" for sales gimmicks. I know it helps pay the bills but when I open up the site its a little tacky to see seven article and three sales articles! Especially when the store is plastered all over the site anyway.

95 percent of the time i use Pulse news reader on my galaxy tab to read the android central articles along with several other android and tech sites. If they hadnt posted an article like this i wouldnt have known about it.