The LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are two of the hottest Android devices around right now. And while neither is available in the U.S. just yet, we recently had the chance to pit these two juggernauts against each other at IFA 2013 in Berlin.

While the two devices' hardware is closely matched -- Snapdragon 800, oodles of RAM, plenty of pixels — they're a world apart in physical size — the 5.7-inch Note 3 dwarfs the G2's mere 5.2 inches. And the choice between these two phones is going to come down to whether you want a traditional smartphone with a large screen or a half phone, half tablet hybrid, as we're looking at two different classes of handset here.

Check out our hands-on comparison above, and be sure to check out our preview of the Galaxy Note 3 and  hands-on redux with the G2.


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Quick comparison: LG G2 versus the Samsung Galaxy Note 3


I'm looking forward to a review of the G2 from Phil. He's been using it for a while and it would be a "real world" review.

These are the top 2 phones on my list...plus maybe a Nexus 5. Phil, please give us some honest opinions of the build for the Note 3 & G2. Does the back look worse or better on the note 3

Smaller than my Note 2, which I love and am keeping for another year.... Note 4 here I come! (on Verizon otherwise I'd go Nexus).

Actually looks slightly bigger than the note 2 in the comparison video posted a few articles ago

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I think there will be quite a few Note2 converts (myself included) to the G2. The Note 3 doesn't do much for me.

I'm in the EXACT same boat! Although, I do think I'd miss the stylus a bit. Typing using Swype and the stylus is such a joy! .... grrrrrr decisions decisions!!

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It is weird to compare these two. The only thing they really have in common is when they were announced and some internals.

It is like comparing a Ferrari to a BMW. Yeah they are both cars but they have different uses and users

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It's definitely NO COMPARISON in my mind. The Galaxy Note family of devices are definitely in another stratosphere.

While everyone else is spending large amount of time copying and trying to catch up to Samsung which is comically hard to do Samsung is redefining the smartphone industry.

I give credit to Lg the old saying is if you can't beat em you midus well join em.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 2 via Android Central App.

I like what Samsung does.. But they try too hard to differentiate from others, that they add so much bloatware and make their phones laggy. From the get go they are not as fast as the other phones and take a lot of memory space.. After a couple of months of good use, lag is very visible. Plus, they don't follow android key format, I'll rather have onscreen buttons that can be customized.

Not a big deal for me, since I cut my teeth rooting with a Samsung Moment. Every android device since then has at least been rooted, most have also been rommed.

Considering "your mind" is pretty screwed up, I'm not surprised. I mean, you did claim Nokia made Android smartphones and that rooting was for "2plus year old devices"...
Also, the saying does not have the made up word "midus" in it. It's "might as well...". Learn to spell like the 50+ year old man you are.

"Midus well join em"


And there's only one stratosphere there genius.

This guy's a trip...

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seems by that video that the Samsung has a brighter screen. I look forward to reading the full reviews on the American versions of both.

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You are just seeing the oversaturated colors of AMOLED. The LG G2 LCD screen is actually brighter and easier to use in sunlight.

Wrong, the screen on the note 3 is easier than previous Samsung screens to see in bright sunlight. Quite a few reviews have said that. Not sure how it compares to the g2, but is definitely brighter than previous models

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See the thing is they never actually said it was better nor worse than the N2 you brought that up all on your own. Then you followed up that by saying you have actually no knowledge of the two phones comparably. Seems like someone just likes to argue for argument sake.

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I'm going to go ahead and guess the g2's screen was not at full brightness and the notes screen was... just an educated guess, considering it looks extremely dim, which wouldn't make sense

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I'm probably one of the few that will be selling my note 2 and getting the lg g2 on launch day. I love what samsung has done but I always like trying something new. If I don't like it I will hold out the hope of verizon getting the new Nexus of not then I will get the Droid Maxx.

I think these phones are similar but the g2 is not in the same category as the note 2. One is phone size and the other is larger more phablet size.

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I saw this. Pretty impressive. I was looking at the size of the note 3's battery. I believe it has a 3200mah cell? That's only 200 mah bigger than the G2 with a half inch bigger screen...given the chipset though the ratings for the note should still impress.

You can't directly compare the power usage of an LCD versus a AMOLED screen as a function of screen size. They are two completely different technologies.

I'm extremely excited about the G2. It seems to have the perfect mix of everything for me. The only other device on my radar right now is the new Nexus, but as the G2 launch day approaches I'm getting closer and closer to once again choosing hardware over software.

I really appreciate the extra screen real estate the Note 3 provides as I stream a lot of Hulu and Netflix to my phone. I just couldn't go back to a smaller display like the G2 so I've already preordered the Note 3. The G2 looks like a nice phone though.

Would have been nice to see comparison of a web page to see how much difference that extra real estate makes. Or at least the same picture or wall paper on both. Maybe that wasn't possible on the show room floor.