Lloyd Flex Case

Attention, people of Android Central: You are the first to be put on notice that the Lloyd Flex Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is now available for preorder (and at quite a savings) from ShopAndroid.com. This is a flexible TPU-style case (that stands for thermoplastic polyurethane, by the way) that'll keep your Note 2 protected from accidental dings and drops. It wraps completely around the phone, with cutouts for the camera and ports -- and the all-important S Pen. And most important, it features Lloyd on the back of the case. 

The Lloyd Flex Case is available for preorder for just $14.95 (that's 25 percent off) and is available in black or clear (as seen here), as well as smoke and green. 

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SpookDroid says:

OMG!! I WANT ONE!!! Can I get one free for being first post? ;) hehehe

marisdaman says:


briankurtz79 says:

Is there a Lloyd case for the gs3? I want one!

Finalizing them, I'm told.

bdizzel1982 says:

Phil any idea if and when you will have this case for the Nexus 4 & Galaxy Nexus?

Ross Mathis says:

I too would like to be notified when the GS3 variant of this case is available for preorder. Spanks!

DWR_31 says:

Okay, I have my Androidified A2 clear case for my GSIII. Now I just need this Lloyd case so I can feel complete.

serpico says:

Do these cases allow NFC and S-beam through or do you need to take the case off every time?

SpookDroid says:

It's TPU, not anti-Superman-Lead casing :P (Yes, NFC will go through)

serpico says:

Thanks. Only had the Note 2 for a week and still learning about NFC. I wasn't sure if cases were a concern.

mathiasjk says:

Great! Now I just need a Note 2.

xeroslash says:

Any chance for a Galaxy Nexus case? This thing rocks!

jiwengang says:

A much much better case without branding crap here just sell for 6 bucks . I can't believe these people can charge 15 bucks and call it a DEAL...

check it out by yourself. It is NOT a spam. It is a sharing that you will thank me later.

I definitely think you missed the point here. That "branding crap" is Lloyd. You are paying for Lloyd, You would not buy this case if you did not want a giant Lloyd on the back of your giant Note 2.
You sir are a disgrace to Lloyd.

bam7009 says:

Right, because Lloyd isn't any larger or more obscene than the Verizon logo on the home button a certain someone keeps making a federal case about. :0)

DroidXcon says:

At least we have the choice of having Lloyd on our phones unlike the VZW logo.

bam7009 says:

Strange how nobody is complaining about that HUGE Samsung logo at the top of the phone....

quarlow says:

Is there a version pre cut for the flip case? I would hate to have to cut it myself and mess that up.

if it only came with a kickstand?

chico87305 says:

Any date for shipping??

davidnc says:

If it becomes available for the S3 and/or galaxy nexus I will snag a couple up

Sukhoi says:

It looks really nice and simple also, but it is some expensive, just if the case it would had two colors, black and the figure of android green.

briankurtz79 says:

Green is the last word in the article. I know it's hard to read the whole thing but let's try from now on