Lloyd Flex Case

Attention, people of Android Central: You are the first to be put on notice that the Lloyd Flex Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is now available for preorder (and at quite a savings) from ShopAndroid.com. This is a flexible TPU-style case (that stands for thermoplastic polyurethane, by the way) that'll keep your Note 2 protected from accidental dings and drops. It wraps completely around the phone, with cutouts for the camera and ports -- and the all-important S Pen. And most important, it features Lloyd on the back of the case. 

The Lloyd Flex Case is available for preorder for just $14.95 (that's 25 percent off) and is available in black or clear (as seen here), as well as smoke and green. 


Reader comments

Preorder now: Lloyd Flex Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2


Okay, I have my Androidified A2 clear case for my GSIII. Now I just need this Lloyd case so I can feel complete.

Thanks. Only had the Note 2 for a week and still learning about NFC. I wasn't sure if cases were a concern.

I definitely think you missed the point here. That "branding crap" is Lloyd. You are paying for Lloyd, You would not buy this case if you did not want a giant Lloyd on the back of your giant Note 2.
You sir are a disgrace to Lloyd.

Right, because Lloyd isn't any larger or more obscene than the Verizon logo on the home button a certain someone keeps making a federal case about. :0)

Is there a version pre cut for the flip case? I would hate to have to cut it myself and mess that up.

It looks really nice and simple also, but it is some expensive, just if the case it would had two colors, black and the figure of android green.