Lloyd Flex Case for Galaxy S3

You wanted it, we've got it. Behold the Lloyd Flex Case for the Samsung Galaxy S3, available for preorder now from ShopAndroid.com. This TPU-style case is made from shock-absorbent and scratch-resistant material, perfect for protecting your precious GS3 from damange and dings. Plus it's slim and lightweight (unlike the lovable Lloyd that graces the back of the case), and it wraps all the way around the phone, to keep the display from hitting the tablet face-down.

It's available in four colors -- black (seen here), clear, smoke and green -- for $14.95 each. (That's 25 percent off, by the way.)


Reader comments

Preorder now: The Lloyd Flex Case for the Galaxy S3!


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Happy New Year!

14.95 is 25% off? Wow.. Kinda pricey for a cheap bulky looking case. Can get some pretty awesome cases for 30% less than this one all over!

I love the Lloyd but the case isn't doing it for me, especially at the price.

Don't bash the price. Sales from the store help support the site. If you think that it's too expensive, just move along and don't bitch about it.

Agreed. I bought the original LLOYD T-Shirt: Overlord when it first became available, and you better believe I'm going to snag this little gem. Keep up the good work Android Central. I'll support the cause.

I would have liked to see teal like my Androidified case. At least from the preview photos, white-on-white is barely noticeable (although it could stand out on a phone of a different color)! I can't see myself buying one just yet.

I just can't get over the design of Llyod in order to purchase (and actually use) any of AC's products with him on them. :-( I'm happy other people do like his design, though. But, for example, on this TPU case, depending on how your eyes look at it, it looks as though the Android is frowning (instead of that just being his head slightly coming up while he turns it). So, not only have we gone from an arguably "cute bugdroid" design to a bulky/fatter one with a "cool badass" attitude as seen by his body language, but he is also now with a giant frown on him, lol. As you can see, this really puts a damper on my trying to purchase anything with him on it. However, I do think it's cool that someone designed it and then we all voted on his name, and I also think it's great that users enjoy it and want actual products with him on it to support the site. :-) Maybe I'll like the next iteration of him, when it comes, much more. Here's hoping!

I was looking for a long time for a Galaxy s3 case for my new smart phone and found out that now you can buy waterproof cases. Now I can take underwater photos of my kids in the pool with my S3 device. How cool is that!

Galaxy S3 waterproof case