Rose Gold Galaxy Note 3

On sale now and surprisingly attractive

Mobile World Congress

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is already on sale to some folks globally in the new Rose Gold color scheme, but we've only physically seen one for the first time here at Mobile World Congress. Available in a black or white version, the Rose Gold is actually a more bronze colored trim that covers the edges and trims the home button, earpiece, camera stack and the Samsung logo on the rear.

Up close, both are surprisingly attractive. The Rose Gold is tasteful and not over-the-top, and the black one inparticular is a most handsome looking thing. If you can get it, that'd be the one we'd go for.

Otherwise it's the same Galaxy Note 3 we know and love. Head on past the break to see more.


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In pictures: The Rose Gold Samsung Galaxy Note 3


It's not a proprietary plug. It's a Micro USB 3.0 port, which you can plug your old GS4, G2, Z1, Moto X, or any Android device chargers in there.

My device went through hell to send this message.

Get your facts straight! It's a USB 3.0 plug. It's an industry standard.

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That's when you know a company has too much money. When they make models that vary only ever so slightly... What is the point of wasting man hours/dollars on this? These same customers would have bought the other one anyway. Give that money back to the customers and make these devices cheaper...

I don't think that's how it works... Samsung is manufacturing phones regardless of the color of trim. Instead of making more silver variants, they threw gold food coloring into the mix. I'm almost certain they cut the manufacturing of the silver trimmed variant to make room for the gold variety. No man hours were wasted... I could mock up a concept with rusted trim in about 5 mins. I wish gold was an option before I bought mine.

It's called choice. Since you're apparently from Detroit, do you also bitch when cars are made available in more than one or two colors?

Is this running Android KK ?? Look at the status bar on top, they are totally white icons? Could this mean we're getting an update soon???

I wish OEM's would actually change more than the internals and colour of the phone with the amount of money they spend on research and development - LG have explored a little with the buttons on the back but they really should try to add curves... They have access to curved displays I'm waiting until next year before I change my phone none of them seem to explore new ground as much as they used to....

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I got one at Verizon (White one) about 3 weeks ago on sale for $199 and buying online they gave me another $25 off. I bought the Cruzerlite US Stars Case which has clear plastic around the sides and shows off the Gold. I get all kinds of compliments on how great it looks.