Lloyd Gear Screen Protector

Available for a number of Android devices, ShopAndroid.com is the only place to get the official Lloyd Gear Screen Protector. Available in packs of three (and currently at reduced prices), the official Lloyd Gear Screen Protector helps protect your Android device from dirt, scratches and glare. It's easy to remove and won't leave a residue behind. (The same can't always be said about Lloyd himself.)


Reader comments

Official Lloyd Gear Screen Protectors


Hope it sells in Amazon! I hate buying stuff from ShopAndroid.com. They never respond to my email, EXCEPT when they ask for money (I.e. the credit card didn't go through)

Sorry they didn't come through for you @striders.
Sometimes mistakes happen, so I always try to give a company the benefit of the doubt.
Hopefully the second time will be the charm.