NOOK Comics

The latest update to NOOK for Android has bumped the app into v3.1 and aside from having the normal bug fixes and stability improvements in it, you can now also have access to Barnes & Noble’s collection of comics, graphic novels and manga titles.

With exciting graphics in stunning color that virtually jump off the page, NOOK Comics enables customers to explore favorite super heroes and characters in landscape and portrait and pinch and zoom to dive into even the tiniest details of the action. Barnes & Noble’s vast selection of NOOK Comics features the largest digital collection of Marvel’s graphic novels available through a third party, as well as titles from other leading publishers including Archie, IDW, Dynamite and Dark Horse.

The v3.1 update also includes NOOK Shop enhancements that allow folks to easily add or edit the default credit card associated to their account, as well as  un-archive content with a single tap in NOOK Library. The update is available now in the Google Play Store and you'll find the download link, past the break.

Source: Barnes & Noble


Reader comments

NOOK for Android - v3.1 update brings access to Barnes & Noble’s collection of comics, graphic novels and manga titles


Here's to hoping they fixed the issue many of us were having not being able to open books we paid for

Edit. Now instead of getting "unable to open book at this time" its telling me there's something wrong with my cc on file, holy cow B&N how do you spend 5 months on an update and still mess it up

I wish they'd add the ability to use the children's books that are exclusively for the nook Color, that way I could get rid of stock on my wife's NC and replace it with CM7/CM9. But we can't lose the ability to view/read the children's books, either.