The Nokia X2 still lists as coming soon in many of the countries that will see it launch, but that hasn't stopped the marketing beginning. What this is, is Nokia's newest promo video for the last X phone to run Android and it's perhaps more exciting than the phone that stars in it.

OK, maybe we're being a little harsh, but the Nokia X line hasn't exactly won our hearts since it was first announced in Barcelona back in February. Considering we're now in August and the X2 is the last of the Android breed, it's hard to grow too attached. A few of the issues we had with the original Nokia X have been resolved with the X2 – like a home button, thank you! – but the traditional Android fans would still find it hard to move over.

It's a shame that Nokia won't be continuing to develop its Android line under Microsoft's stewardship. There's many a smartphone fan out there that would have loved to have seen some higher end offerings down the line. But for now, this is where it ends.

And if you're curious, there's also a making of video you'll find below.


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Nokia's X2 ad is possibly more exciting than the phone


That was one of the most moronic ads I've ever seen. The impression that bit leaves isn't "let's go buy one," but rather "let's go gliding."

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Why waste the time money and effort on a dead end product line ?

I guess Nokia wants to show they still are alive even with the buyout from Microsoft.

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This isn't being released by Nokia. This is being released by Microsoft Mobile.

Nokia is very much alive without Microsoft. Thank God.

"It's a shame that Nokia won't be continuing to develop its Android line under Microsoft's stewardship."

That's because Nokia isn't under Microsoft's stewardship at all. Nokia is now freely working on Android: Z Launcher, HERE APIs and more things to come. And perhaps in 2016 we may get our Nokia Android flagship. Until then, don't fret as Nokia has some things up their sleeves and you'll see them...pretty soon ;)

The fact that Microsoft isn't continuing to sell Android devices shouldn't come as a surprise. But that's Microsoft, not Nokia. Microsoft Mobile doesn't have a very bright future anyway. We Nokia fans aren't buying Microsoft Mobile phones disguised as "Nokia" just like we don't buy phones in Chinese knock-offs that have an Apple on the back.
And even Nadella doesn't seem too committed to build mobile phones anyway so...

This whole Microsoft/Nokia Android detour has been very odd. There must have been a personal pledge back during contract negotiations that they would see this one project through but at the same time openly understood that it would go nowhere.

I don't know about you guys, but I learned how to pronounce Nokia from this video. It's pronounced like:
"Should I buy the Nokia X2?"
"*NAW* you shouldn't"