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Nokia's new budget phone, the Android-powered (but very much Microsoft-centric) Nokia X, will be heading to one of the world's most important emerging markets next Monday. Invites sent out by Nokia India asks guests to "Xperience a new beginning" on March 10 with local exec P Balaji leading the event. Our sister site Windows Phone Central will be on the ground next Monday to cover the Indian Nokia X launch, where we're likely to learn more about Indian pricing and availability for the device.

Source: Windows Phone Central

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rvirga says:

Invites sent out by Nokia India ask guests to "try out this Xcrement". :D

Aashish13 says:

Microsofts going to rock with this phone of succesful

ibleedbloo says:

26 letters in the alphabet but every other phone has to be called the "X"?

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Certainly wouldn't want to be called the 'B' phone.
Or the Model 'T' phone.

'X' is excellent, exciting, experimental.

_X_ says:

Best letter in the alphabet.... but i might be a bit biased. :)

jdbii says:

I am hoping that the Nokia X will be a success. Nokia is a strong brand in India and when people migrate to smartphones Nokia is well positioned to capture (or keep) millions of users. Availability and functionality of apps will play a critical role in which platform users choose and Chinese-made android devices will be cheap and plentiful. Nokia has a shot if android apps seamlessly work on the X and its successors, and the UI isn't clunky and confusing.

still1 says:

I would agree if Nokia X is a good phone!!!! but its a terrible phone with poor hardware, old OS and no play service.

I would want this to succeed.. I would like to see a great phone succeed

Stuman1 says:

They can keep it there, too.

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DWR_31 says:

I can see this phone being a big hit on the black market.
Rooted with Google Framework already installed.

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2.

Jay Shank says:

I'm from India and i have no interest in this phone at all..
People who are gonna buy them are mainly girls and first time grownups..other than may be second phone for people like me but not the daily driver..
And Nokia is the most trusted brand here so sales could be on their side. But will not beat Moto G which is kicking butt in every corner.
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HeyImAlexD says:

This is good to hear! I'm all for competition, but Nokia X seems to be an embarrassment of an Android phone. Moto G seems to be the way to go in that market!

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Jay Shank says:

Well you are right.. Moto G is a great device and is already sold like hell..Nokia X is a first device from Nokia so this was kind of future this may change into flagship device but as of now Moto G is way to go specially people here in India..

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BB_Bmore says:

Omg I want one!!! Oh wait... I'm just high, I don't want that at all!