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Nokia plans to bring its HERE maps app to more Android devices by the end of 2014, according to the Wall Street Journal. This news comes a few days after Nokia announced plans to launch HERE maps for Samsung's Android smartphones and Tizen watches.

Nokia wants to make HERE maps a major competitor to Google Maps, according to company executive Sean Fernback. He stated, "I'm convinced people are looking for alternatives. Google Maps is a good solution for many, their maps work very well, but it has looked the same and done the same for a long time."

The HERE apps will allow users to download maps for offline use, along with being able to search without the need for an Internet connection. What do you think of HERE maps coming to more Android devices?

Source: Wall Street Journal


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Nokia could expand HERE maps to more Android devices by end of 2014


Hopefully it will push Google to give offline maps to users. Not just small portions but whole states and countries.

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If I remember correctly, the part of Nokia that didn't go to Microsoft isn't allowed to produce smartphones until 2017 due to a clause in their agreement.

And I agree that Google Maps will be hard to replace, but they need some good competition. I've played with a few OSM Apps, and none are nearly as good as Google Maps.

Thats pretty lame but its business. Wonder how their turn out will be for them. Time shall tell! Thanks for the information.

Most of the maps out there are owned by Nokia and it's companies regardless whether it's goggles,bing,Garmin etc ovi maps is king

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I generally prefer Google Maps, but HERE's ability to save offline maps, and not just parts of it, is really tempting.

Your move, Google.

Google Maps you're out! HERE maps come here! LOL! XD

Seriously though if HERE maps can compete with Google Maps and Sygic I'd be more happy to use HERE maps.

I'm obviously very glad and I intend to use them instead of Google Maps as soon as they make them available for Xperia phones.

Google has not shown itself to be very responsive, at least in the short term to what other companies are doing, so i don't think Google is going to respond to this by making "offline maps" less unwieldy in Google Maps. Plus the fact is that Google wants you online to collect data, they don't want to make it too convenient for you to be "offline".

I was on vacation in Canada and realized I didn't have Internet connection without paying arm and leg from Verizon. Wish I had offline maps for directions. Besides, I don't know how to make alternative routes in Google maps, especially when the map directs you through rural roads. A competition is welcome.

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Here in Brazil, internet sucks..
So if Here Maps come to android with the same offline experience of windows phone, at least in brazil, here maps will be the first maps and GPS app!

As much as I use Google maps, Here drive is just that much better. The offline element is one of the killer features soo lacking in GM. As soon as it's available I'll be getting Here installed.

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Great news for all non-Sammy users. More choice means ultimately more quality cand more chance that a product will suit your needs

I love it. Competition is good and Here is probably the best competitor that Google could get. Just for fun, I've tried the Garmin viago attempt and it was pretty unusable and expensive to make usable. I have to think this will be much better.

Interested to see what the competition offers. The offline capability including search is huge. I don't have a data connection most of the time. I use co-pilot for offline maps now. It's interface could be a little better though.

I'm a truck driver and travel to all lower 48. I have lumia 630 that I use sometimes also moto x. I would definitely say that google maps is superior over Nokia maps as I tested it a lot of times before with lumia 920 , 1020.

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I've been using GPS copilot for offline navigation and search for a while, it's pretty good for a small one-time price. More competition is always welcome in the offline maps navigation segment that Google Maps is avoiding.