Verizon Galaxy Nexus battery and charger


Well, look at that. New on the shelves at is the Verizon Galaxy Nexus Spare Battery Charging System. It includes a spare 1850 mAh battery, plus a spare battery charger, so you can make sure you've always got a fresh one ready to go. Ours also comes with a microUSB travel charger, so there are no excuses in keeping your phoen ready.

While we're at it, let's give one away to our U.S. Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners. Just leave a comment on this post and we'll pick a winner later this afternoon. Good luck!


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New in at Verizon Galaxy Nexus spare battery and charger


I just need a charger. I have the 2100mah battery but it's a pain to shut the phone off and switch batteries just to charge one or the other.

1) yes, but the door won't close
2) it should come with a y-port if its the same one sold in the vzw stores. You use the charger that came with the phone, and plug it into the y-port which can be plugged into the charger and the phone.

Nevermind I found the answer. It doesn't charge the phone as well as battery at same time :(. Also it probably wouldn't work with the cruzerlite case

Go to a vzw store, the one there does have the y-port. Maybe we can get clarification on this here though.

I've been wanting one of these but they've been out of stock at Verizon. Glad you guys have them now. Would be even better to win it.

Do you just "pick one" or is it a random kind of thing? Please pick me. Specifically. Not randomly. Please?

I'd like to have a spare battery for my Nexus, but I am wondering about the NFC that is resident in the battery. Does swapping the battery also swap out that virtual identification / credit card?

Larry M.

I've been trolling for one of these on ebay, so a free one is much preferable. As someone asked above, is this charger compatible with the extended batteries?

Awesome! I was going to buy the extended battery but this might be a better deal since I don't have to swap out batteries just to charge the spare.

I could definitely use a spare battery for trips. My stock one does good enough for most days plus I'm trained to charge whenever I'm at my desk. I will say one thing about the Galaxy Nexus battery, it charges fast. When almost empty it usually just takes an hour to fill it up.

This would be so amazing to have at work where I get no signal and my battery dies so quickly throughout the day! Looking forward to possibly winning one!!!

I've been looking for this since I got my Nexus. It would be great to have for trips and for times when I'm far from a charging resource.

I really need one of these. 3 boys in sports at practices and games 6 days a week and my battery is always low if not dead. I NEED THIS!!

My contract is up on Tuesday, im super pumped to getmy GNEX especially now that amazon lowered the price to $100!!! Could I be lucky enough to win this extra battery as well? I sure hope so!!!

I went to the Verizon store and got the 2100 mAh battery and I am surprised at how much better it does over all. An extra 1850 and charger would be icing on the cake.

I have this charger. Here are some answers to qustions. 1. It does have NFC. It is the standard Samsung battery. 2. You can charge both the phone and battery at the same tome. It comes with a splitter, to have both plugged in, if need be. 3. It will charge the extended battery, the door just won't close. I returned the "extended" battery after getting this. Much more convenient.

For #2 it will NOT charge the phone and battery at the same time. The one you have is from VZW and includes a Y adapter. This one is right from samsung and does not include the Y adapter but instead includes a wall plug.

Wonder if it can charge the extended battery also? Why don't you give it to me and I'll let you know. :)

This is great! I had something like this for my HTC EVO so glad to see you guys have it now, rather buy it from you guys.

I have been waiting for this product as I never understood purchasing a battery as wouldn't you need to keep pulling in and out of your phone to charge each one? Invested in an external battery and have been loving that when I am running low and out and about.

Hmmmm, I ordered one from letstalk.coma and they still do not have the stock on hand. Hopefully this means they will and ship it soon.


This is my ideal battery solution. I considered getting the extended, but then switching becomes a pain because you have to carry two battery doors around. I decided I wanted an extra stock to carry with me like I did with my Droid, but keeping them both charged is a pain and takes planning. You have to charge one in the phone, when its done switch and charge the other. I would still sometimes end up with a spare I thought was charged and wasn't. The worst one was when I used Carr matey to remember where I parked the car visiting a friend in the city. Long story short, I wandered for hours till I found it. This thing is a must have!

awesome, i just ordered mine, a little late i know, but worth the wait i'm sure and this would go great with it, def a must have....i will commence crossing fingers, toes, lighting candles and sacrficing lambs immediately!!

Awesome. Every Galaxy Nexus owner could use on of these. I wonder if they will release it with an extended battery.

As an owner of a Galaxy Nexus, I could definitely use a spare battery and charger. Would love it if you picked me!

Gotta say I love my Galaxy Nexus and a battery charger would be an added benefit. Just wish it charged to phone as well, just saying.

I have been wanting one of these for a while.

well, this, the HBO go app, and Swype. but I have to start somewhere.

Good luck to all

I bought one of these the first day I got my GNex... and lost the battery in NYC the next week :(
Would be great to get it back! Loving this phone..

I need one bad! GNex died last night, girlfriend was texting me while it was dead, couldn't respond.. she thought I was ignoring her, turned into a stupid fight! LOL, please help me prevent future arguments. HA! Thanks.

Battery life sucks but what smartphones battery doesnt except for the razor maxx.Other than that the Galaxy Nexus is an amazing phone.Extra juice always helps.. Nice offer.

Help! My phone is dying! If it doesn't receive the spare battery and charger, it's going to die! Have mercy please!

I would love to have this. Been looking for a stand and spare battery charger combo. This looks perfect!

Not the most practical solution. I think you're better off buying a 10,000 mAh portable battery with multiple usb ports on it. You can charge your phone multiple times with one while its still on or charge multiple devices at the same time. And no need to swap out the battery.

I have the charger/battery combo I got from VZW and really like it. Mine didn't come with a charger though, but otherwise it works fine.

Despite how awesome it would be for me to be selected suffice, it for me to thank you for the opportunity to enter.

This would make my friday!! Double battery has been my approach w/ the original droid and it works very well - expect that one time I thought it was charged and . . well I just had a second dead battery in my pocket. oh well. live and learn!

I would love to have me one of these. Need more battery life out of this beautiful creation of a phone.

Debating whether to get an extended battery or an extra standard battery with charger. Winning this one which would make the decision for me. Anyone feel the extra time you get with the extended battery is worth the cost. With an extra standard you also get the charger included.

Awesome,this is what I'm looking for. I don't want the extended bat, I like the feel of the regular bat.

I've been waiting for this exact device to come along. Thank you SO much for sharing this with us!


Although, to be fair, I already have two of these bad-boys! One at home and one at work. But I could use one for the car!! My GNex neeeeeeeds mooooooooaaaar poooowwwwwerrrrrr! :-)

This sure would be helpful. I already have the extended battery but that still barely last a full day with alot of use. Do they sell the spare battery charger by itself or do you have to get the additional battery?

I've been lookin' for one of these, and since you've got one for me I would appreciate it being shipped asap, I need it bad, my phone is in need of another battery and a charge, thanks much.

winner winner chicken dinner and you can keep the spare as a gift for picking me i just want the charger

Another stellar giveaway
Now all u have to do is pick me
Dvus1977 ordered himself a spare extended battery
Returns it cause he got sent the wrong item(wamp wamp)
Only u guys could brighten up my day
If i'm picked all will be right in the world
Diligently waiting for my name to be selected ,while charging my fone (as always )

I really love the GNex... need the second battery bad and the battery charger is just like icing on the cake :-) Love me some Android Central baby!!

Yes, it charges the extended battery, but the cover won't close completely. Not a problem really, unless you like to use the charger as a carrying case to protect the battery.

Even though I've never won any, it's always fun to enter contests like these. Crossing my fingers in my first Android Central contest haha.

I'm trying to think of a good comment so I can win this. Well, here goes...

I LOVE YOU, AndroidCentral!!! I really do! And I'm carrying your baby.

I even wrote a little poem to commemorate my love for you. Ahem...

You're a site [sic] for sore eyes,
My love is larger than a googolplex
I would do anything for you
To get a battery for my G'Nex

I'm through with those fruits,
Crackberry and CrApple
All I need is my Nexus
And of course, AndroidCentral!


p.s.- I can do Haiku as well, if you'd like...

I would really like to have one of these. I just got my extended battery finally and switching them out to charge each in the phone is a drag!

Your offer caused me to switch my my membership in PreCentral to AndroidCentral. Of course, I was a TreoCentral before that. So, I would love to get a charger and battery pack for my new VZN GNex!