Cruzerlite Androidified TPU case for the AT&T Galaxy Note!

You were just about to pass over this post because it has to do with cases and stores and stuff weren't you. That's too bad, because has the Cruzerlite Androidified case for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note in stock. And to celebrate, we're going to give away a half-dozen. You'll need the AT&T version of the Galaxy Note, and you'll need to leave a comment in this thread, and that'll take care of that. We'll shut this one down at 10 p.m. EDT tonight, so get crackin'!


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New at Cruzerlite Androidified TPU case for the AT&T Galaxy Note!


Holy crap! I'd wanted one of these since i first saw them! And now they have them for MY phone?! Love my Note, love the case, love TPU cases, this is DEFINITELY a must have!

I saw this post and I liked it. I showed this post to my white galaxy note and it liked this post too! It especially liked that case in pink & clear! My phone needs an androidafied tpu makeover!! :)

If I don't get one of these I will have to sleep under a bridge cuz my wife will kick me out if I buy another accessory for my PLEASE HELP A BROTHA OUT AND SEND ONE MY WAY

Next to pure, unadulterated ICS, nothing would make my GALAXY Note look better that that Androidified TPU case from Cruzerlite. Gimme'!

I have been waiting for this case FOREVER!!!

I needz some or I will die!

The Note is AWESOME!!!

These cases are AWESOME!!!

Android is AWESOME!!!

Android Central is AWESOME!!!



the case is beautiful like the phone,both together is a good tem,excelent and fancy proteccion for a hard,quick worker phone,love it

Yo Adrian! My Galaxy Note needs this case. So win one for me ok? Seriously though I would absolutly love a red or blue one. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO PPPPPPPPPPPPleaseeeeeeee Thanks!

I'd love one, please. Thanks for the contest.

I so need to wrap my note into a case. This has to be the best phone I have ever owned. :)

Android-Central-Tastic!! Thanks for bringing good tidings to your readers. Can't wait to get one!

I have had the note since the first hour of its AT&T release and would love a case for this monster. Please can I please have one.

I held on to my upgrade for almost 6 months, waiting for this beautiful phone. Preorderd one for myself and one for my wife the first day available. I need one these cases, in either clear or red (I like red). Please pick me!

My brother has a note and this would make a good gift for him considering he doesn't have a case for it yet :)

Love my Galaxy Note (as I mentioned in another thread). I like the ultra-thin case that Samsung sells because it adds almost no thickness to the unit, but sometimes I'd like a little more protection and this looks like just the ticket. (The cool factor of the androidized case cannot be denied either :))

Just when I thought I couldn't preach any louder about going Android. This takes it one step further.

I need one BAD for my Note. I've been carrying it around in a sock. So Sad! One in RED or White would look hot on my Ceramic White Note!

Been waiting for this case since I saw it come out for the Galaxy Nexus. I knew that if I got a GNex, that this would be the case I would get, because I can think of no better way to fly my "I heart Android" flag, than to sport one of these...

I have been using my note with just the flip case that Best Buy gave me since launch, and I would rock the Blue version of this piece of sexiness!

Now that is what I am talking about!!!!! A case that fits the bad boy style and personna of the most righteous piece of mobile technology on the market!!!! What a better way to show off my Note than to have it graced and protected by this awesome case!

Can I have one for my note please, I just got my note and I have been looking for a good case to protect "My Precious".

I`ve been drawing on my Note for a couple of weeks, I think this case will make it more comfortable for me to draw... if I get one of these babies I`ll make an AWESOME artwork for Android Central!!