Body Glove Icon Slide-On Case for Verizon Galaxy Nexus


Just a quick heads up that the Body Glove Icon Slide-On Case is now available at for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. It's a two-piece hard shell case that slides onto the phone, has access to all the ports and buttons and comes in either silver/black or purple/back.

And to celebrate, we're going to give a couple of these suckers away, because you're worth it. Just leave a comment on this post, and we'll pick a couple of winners at the end of the day. Good luck!


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New at Body Glove Icon Slide-On Case for Verizon Galaxy Nexus, we're giving two away free!



Loving my GNex and been trying to decide on a case to help keep it protected. Just saw that these were available and it would be AWESOME to win one from Android Central, the best damn Android site on the web!!!!

Just got my Galaxy Nexus yesterday. Wouldn't mind a free case to go with it. Happy Holidays :)

That would be awesome. I got my wife the Galaxy Nexus and she'll need a case for it!

Would love to win one...I would use it for my Nexus, however, my wife has dropped her's 2 times already so I will be giving it to her and requiring that she USE IT if I win one. :-) I don't want her destroying her beautiful new phone!

Would love to grab one of these as a Christmas present to myself =)
Happy Holidays everyone!

Body Glove was the very first case I ever bought for my first smart phone. I've had them for every phone since. I'm thrilled that this is out now.

I need something to put this baby in & protect it. Can't find a car dock or desk dock that comfortable fits it, & finding a pouch wide enough has been a real ordeal. Thankie sai, big big

Thank GOD, I am not feeling my tpu case...... Body Glove makes the best cases, I've had them for my X, thunderbolt, and Rezound.

This really would save my phone from my butter fingers! haha, I think i have dropped every phone I have ever owned! lol.

This will be my first Android phone after converting from 3 years of BlackBerry. I need a good case to go with it!!!

This looks like a nice case. Curious if it works with the Extended battery and how it compares to the otter box defender.

Awesome case, digging the silver and black. Would go great with the Nexus over here... :)

Dear Santa,

I've been a good boy this year, even though I just dropped my new Galaxy Nexus on the driveway and scratched it, but it wasn't my fault! Really! It was just a misunderstanding! Gravity does that sometimes!

A new Body Glove would help remind me to more careful next year! I promise!

I need one of these cool cases! Just got my GN and want it to be protected by this!

My Wife would love this one, but specially me...because i havent gotten her anything for Christmas yet!...i can tell her that her gift hasn't came in the mail yet! yehhhh!!!

Free is good...Body Glove is cool...a new Nexus for Christmas would be GREEE-AAA-TTT!!!!!!

I need a case to go along with the Galaxy Nexus that I'm also going to win here ;)

I just got an early upgrade and my Nexus is on the way. I could really use a Body Glove Icon Slide-On Case. To get it before my Gnex get here be AWESOME!!!

I read AC for product reviews,information and contests.

This product look awesome for the new phone Santa is bringing me for Christmas.

Nice looking case. . .would be cool to get one, but even cooler to say I got it from Android Central!

Happy Holidays everyone!

I honestly had a dream last night that I dropped my Galaxy Nexus on the street twice in five minutes. I need a case!

I am still waiting for the Nexus to show up here in Farmington. We do not have a Verizon store here and Best Buy can not give me my early upgrade, so they said. Would be nice to have this case when I finally get the GNex.

I could really use a case for my Galaxy Nexus. I haven't been able to afford a case or screen protectors for it because I spent every last dollar I had on the phone. I would greatly appreciate any help you could give me. Thank you very much!!

Please pick me. My Galaxy Nexus feels so naked without a case. I'm too clumsy to last much longer without dropping it while I'm out and about. I even ordered one and had it sent to my old address on accident and they new residents threw it away. I need a win lol

If I can just win this, then I would get a Christmas present this year! Whee!

I would love a body glove case so I will wait and see if I win one if not I will buy one. Thanks

Since VZW says my connection issues if from "holding it wrong" I could use this...

Perfect gift for my Nexus from Santa Lloyd!!! Please pick me! My Nexus would be soo happy!

First Pulitzer awarded for excellence in internet blogging should go to Phil Nickinson and AndroidCentral. Kudos, happy Holidays.

Please please! I'm working in a hotel with no hannukah gifts all week. Would definitely help!

I could use one. hook me up. I Need protection on the phone. Did i mention you guys are the best at getting all the greatest and latest info.

I don't think i could go thru the night without the podcast's tonight . By the way I would like to have that case for my nexus

Wow, 445 people have this phone who view the site. I remember when 50 posts a contest was a lot. Keep it up AC! Pick me! :)

Wow, 445 people have this phone who view the site. I remember when 50 posts a contest was a lot. Keep it up AC! Pick me! :)

Wow, 445 people have this phone who view the site. I remember when 50 posts a contest was a lot. Keep it up AC! Pick me! :)

I'd love one of these cases as I just returned the case I got for my G-Nex. It made pressing power and volume keys a pain as you couldn't feel where they were. This case seems to make that mute as it has cut outs to use the keys without covers!

I like the look of this. Especially like that it has an opening for the volume instead of having it covered. Nice looking case.

Pick Me!!! I Need The Purple one to take with me When I Go Watch Ther RAVENS Win The Super Bowl!!! LOL

Oh please, please, please pick me, this would be an excellent Christmas gift for my beautiful Nexus.......thanks for the contest!!!


I need some clothes for my nexus so it does spill its ice cream sandwichy goodness!

I love my Nexus, and that seems like a great case. Did I mention I follow you on G+, Android Central? =)

Yes, I'm shameless.

um, echem...I always wrap my tool. "A Glove-Nexus; the next best thing to the reeeal thing."

You've got two, all I need is one, and it is almost Christmas, just drop one in my stocking and color me happy, thanks

Nice I was wondering when some nice cases would drop for this phone. Now if only the desktop charger and "real" car dock with the connection pts would come out not the cheap Verizon version

would love the purple one....something different.
I would go into the apple store in Allentown, PA with a huge poster of lloyd if I won this.

Merry Christmas you Android loving folk! Pick me! I'd love one of these to keep the ICS warm!

I normally don't like cases, but my Galaxy Nexus is so smooth I'm always afraid I will drop it. Every phone should have a rubber finish, not slippery. I will be very happy if you pick me.

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