Body Glove Icon Slide-On Case for Verizon Galaxy Nexus


Just a quick heads up that the Body Glove Icon Slide-On Case is now available at for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. It's a two-piece hard shell case that slides onto the phone, has access to all the ports and buttons and comes in either silver/black or purple/back.

And to celebrate, we're going to give a couple of these suckers away, because you're worth it. Just leave a comment on this post, and we'll pick a couple of winners at the end of the day. Good luck!


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New at Body Glove Icon Slide-On Case for Verizon Galaxy Nexus, we're giving two away free!



still waiting for my gnex to arrive, but it be wonderful to have it protected right away when it gets here!

I need a case for my new nexus. Will have to check this one out. The otterbox seems to be too big. Hope this one is better.

This would make a great Christmas present for someone! Good luck everyone and thanks AC!

Nice looking case, do they fit with the ext. battery? I all ready dropped my phone :(

Please bless my nexus with a case that is worty go it's greatness.
Android central rules happy holidays

Thanks AC, but I only need one, you can give the other to on of the other readers.

Does it work with the extended battery? What is a horseshoe? What does a horseshoe do? Is anyone even listening to me?

Also would like to know if it'll fit with the extended battery! I need a case for when I put that on

I have always been a big fan of the Body Glove products. I loved the case for my DrInc, and would love this for my Galaxy Nexus. :)

Very cool! I have always liked Body Glove products. The look better than stretch pants and leg warmers!

I've never won anything, this would be awesome as I'm planning on getting a nexus after Christmas.

Thanks for sending me a Body Glove case for my G-Nexus. It will look great! Merry Christmas.

Pretty nice looking case, and a great name behind it. Decided I definitely need a case for this phone. After going 2+ years without one on my OG Droid, it was too beat up to not use one on this new beauty.

My Galaxy Nexus needs bullet proof armor to protect it from it's enemies: car keys, gravity, and a clumsy Galaxy Nexus owner. Help! I need a case! thanks

That looks like an excellent case, so excellent i think it would satify my galaxy nexus every need.... and more. O.o

All right! I've been really scared and cautious about using my phone in public, I could really use one of these!

Oooo... prettiful!!! I don't even have the phone yet, but I want one, because I know I'll be getting it soon.

Just got my Galaxy Nexus...could really use something to put it in. :)
Merry Christmas everybody!!

I have a GNex but I don't have a case. This case even in Baltimore Ravens purple... that makes me the ideal winner. Go Ravens!

If it'll give me more of a handle on the phone, I'll gladly take one.

I can't tell you how many times the phone has almost slipped out of my fingers...

I am about to buy the Nexus as a gift for my wife and our first Christmas. This would be perfect for her!

Very nice! Would be very appreciative to have one for my phone!!!

Merry Xmas everyone @ AC!!!

Pretty please? I used to have a Body Glove pouch case for my now ancient Palm Pro, and it was one of the best cases I have ever had.

My Nexus could use some of that Body Glove Love...

I could use a case, these look really good. Just got a Nexus, always used iPhone before.

I could use a case, these look really good. Just got a Nexus, always used iPhone before.

Sweet! I picked mine up on release day, and I KNOW it's just waiting to jump out of my hand and onto some concrete!

I just want one case for my 12 year old nephew. He really needs a good Christmas this year which is why I already bought him this phone. A case would be wonderful.
Plus, he wanted the iPhone until I showed him my TBolt.. he came to his senses! :)

I need one of these bad! I sometimes put my phone on my lap when I am in the car and when I get out the phone will fall out of my lap and slam to the ground.... The OG Droid is indestructible! Now I have to be careful with the Nexus.

Please pick me!! I spent all my my money on the galaxy nexus at full retail! I cant even afford a case for it now!

I already have two scratches on my screen! pick me before I do anymore damage!

I need a case for my new nexux because The otterbox seems to be too big and I got to protect my baby.

I am willing to accept one of these on behalf of myself. Thank you for your kind donation.

Definately need this case. Have to switch out battery so much body glove slide on case is the only way to go.

It would be nice to have a case for this beautiful phone. It's just so sexy without a case! I'd still like to win one though!

Bohener won't give me my payroll tax reduction extension, so going to need this case. The connection? I can't think of one immediately, but given time I can come up with one.

Time to send some love to North Dakota we never win any of these things, I'll send you guys some oil, ok I don't have any oil to send but it's Christmas and it's the thought that counts

If it's coming from you guys, I'm certain it's good stuff! Pick me for a black or silver please!

Cool case. I could sure use one for the new Nexus that I plan on winning (or buying if I have to).

I've always been a fan of the body glove cases - and in dire need for some extra protection for the Nexus.

Great looking case ..had a rezound with this case and looked great on it.
Thanks. Hopefully can win this one

May I please have a new case for my new shiny Galaxy Nexus? Either way Android Central rocks! Thanks

Have pity upon my poor Nexus Prime (soo much better than 'Galaxy Nexus')..for I am clumsy as a drunken three legged mule!

Yes please. My local VZW store (non-corporate) suuuuuuuuuuucks and doesn't even have the phone yet, so I'm up a creek on cases unless I buy online, sight-unseen.

I would love to have one! Its giveaways like this that make this website even more awesome. Thanks AC!

I would love to not support Verizon any further with buying a way overpriced case. I'd really like one of these for sure.

Wow, there are a lot of people with new Nexus phones.

I think a case is really useful for this phone because the sides are kind of slippery.

OMG! A cool case in purple(!) for a cool phone. I think my Galaxy Nexus will look awesome in this case.

So um will this help with the horrible reception? Following the iPhone quick fix Oh well whatever works so yes please....PICK ME PICK ME!!!

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