Andru USB charger

What better way to charge an Android phone than with the Andru USB charger? With light-up eyes (blue for charging, white for standby), articulated arms, and flexible antennae, this matte-finished USB charger would make a perfect desktop companion while not keeping you all charged up. Checking in at 2.5-inches in height on his stand he's small enough to keep anywhere, and the included microUSB cable works with many popular smartphones. You've got to keep things charged, might as well do it with some style and represent Android.

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I have one at work and it looks great. Some co workers have even purchased themselves one after seeing my.

I want one bad. Thing is I leave my current charger plugged in under my desk with just the end of the cable on my desk... Arghhhh. I wish somehow the little guy didn't need to be stuck into the wall and instead had a cord going to the wall.

Go to home depot they got what you need!!!! They will have about a 4 foot I wanna say 20 Guatemala wire I'll carry all that load out the standard 110socket ;) with enough wire to not to over heat and cause a fire :)