Andru charger

If you're still on the hunt for a cool stocking stuffer this Christmas, now has all three colors of the Andru 1A USB charger in stock. That's the traditional Android green, black, and white, available for $24.95 each. So put that beautiful Bugdroid to work and let it charge your favorite device. Get your now at


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New at Andru 1A USB Charger in green, black or white


Cool, but honestly the price it too high for just one port to charge from. and no other use for said device. its just a desktop toy, with a usb port, what makes it 24.95... my only guess is, its made by apple under the hood.

10 bucks is almost too high

I love them. I bought the green this summer and just got the black. They stands out and are a conversation starter

Nexus 4 charger supplies 1.2A. It will work but slightly slower than the official one.

I wish it had a usb port on the back or a cord that you could plug into the wall so that you could have the little guy on the desk all the time.

This would be cooler if instead of having to remove it from the stand and plug it into the wall, it had a cord that ran to the wall, then it could always stay on your desk or night stand.