Lloyd Cases

Just a quick heads up that ShopAndroid.com has some new Android Central Lloyd cases on the way. They'll hit the store in the next day or so, and we'll update you on availability then.

Being Android Central readers, you can recognize those phones by their cameras, right? So we won't bother listing them for you.

OK, fine. That's the Nexus 4, Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S3. Stay tuned for the proper availability announcement!

More Lloyd Gear!​


Reader comments

New Android Central Lloyd cases are on the way!


Oh you guys.. I was hoping you would actually test us here. As I start my comment I see you already answered at the bottom of the post. Bummer

+1 for the EVO LTE. I'm looking for a new case, as the Otterbox Defender is too bulky and breaks apart after a few months.

Hey AC, can you also make us some Lloyd pouches... I have an N4 and would love to buy one (or 2) from you... Thanks!

Still waiting for your store to support the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G
Not a popular phone, I know but at least it is running Android 4.0 and has a SnapDragon S4 unlike some of the other relics listed :)

Make your already cartoony looking Galaxys more cartoony. No thank you. Love the site and all but these are too Saturday night cartoony.

I'll be grabbing one for my Galaxy S III, really nice looking. It just so happens my phone played Plinko between my bed and wall, then floor the other day and I ruined my current case.

These are awesome! I can't wait to order mine! The look is clean and fun, and it will be wat cool running in to people that also have this case. Cause we'll both know how cool one another is for reading AC!