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If you've been following recent Motorola Xoom developments, you'll know that the first "Google Experience" tablet has just been updated to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Alongside the update, Carphone Warehouse, one of the main sellers of Xooms in the UK, has cut the price of the Wifi-only model to £249.99. This is a £50 drop from the earlier RRP of £299.99, and the latest in a long line of Xoom price drops which has seen the tablet gradually fall from the July price of £399.

It might not be as sleek as the Galaxy Tab 10.1, or as fast as the ASUS Transformer Prime, but £250 for a 10-inch, dual-core ICS tablet isn't a bad deal at all if you ask us. UK readers, would you be tempted to drop £250 on a Xoom at this point? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

Source: Carphone Warehouse; via: Eurodroid


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Motorola Xoom UK price slashed again, now £249.99


I wouldn't get one at that price. The Xoom failed to impress me at all. Perhaps if it was sub £100 I'd consider it. I'd rather save money for something faster.

When I look at current laptop pricing, which includes a keyboard, a large hard drive, more memory, a faster processor, bigger case, fan and the other stuff in a laptop with a bigger screen I have a hard time understanding why pricing is so high on Tablets. For an average tablet the price should be about $300 US. Is it simply that smaller cost more or the fact that the providers haven't really gotten competitive like laptop providers?

The Wifi models are fully compatible with the stock U.S firmware. It's as simple as:
1. Unlock bootloader.
2. Fastboot flash stock U.S images.
3. Power up and install subsequent updates, eventually leading to ICS.

But this also means no warranty. Though I agree that this is the first thing any non-US Xoom buyer should do, non-US Xoom is not GED, has some Motorola crap on it and updates come months later. That is what I did after I realized that Motorola does not care about non-US customers.

I am so tempted, however, the talk of the "Nexus tablet" (even though this is kind of a nexus tablet)makes we want to wait.

I had an aunt fly a US xoom to me mere weeks after it was released in the US. I got my ICS update yesterday, and the xoom i've been loving is now even faster. Sure it's not as sleek or light as the galaxy tab 10.1, but i'm loving it.