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If July's sub-£400 price drop wasn't enough to tempt you to splash out on a Motorola Xoom in the UK, then British retailer Dixons is hoping a further reduction of £70 will push you over the edge. Dixons is currently listing the Wifi-only version of Moto's original Honeycomb tablet for £329.99 (~$530), with the Wifi and 3G version now reduced to £399.99 (~$650).

It's no secret that the Xoom hasn't exactly been a runaway success, so it shouldn't surprise anyone to see retailers trying to clear stock before yet more Android tablets arrive in the fourth quarter. However, we have to wonder if a £330 price tag will be enough to tempt buyers away from Samsung's thinner, lighter Galaxy Tab 10.1, which can be had for as little as £370 if you shop around. Fellow Brits, would you consider dropping £330 on a Xoom at this point? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Dixons; via: Eurodroid


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Motorola Xoom gets another price cut in the UK, now just £330


I use the Xoom Wi-Fi to do presentations to clients and they absolutely love it. For example, we do Assessments for various Human Capital applications, i.e., interviewing, hiring, on-boarding, promotion, team building, etc. When I sit down with someone and go over an Assessment report with them on the Xoom they always comment on how clear and crisp the visual is and how smooth the transition is from one page or slide to the next. The PowerPoints we do are in color and the Xoom really shows the slides off with crisp, clean, color rendition.

I am not sure why the Xoom isn't more popular, but from our perspective it is one great piece of equipment. We also like how sturdy it is. We have several salespeople using them and the Xoom seems to be able to take being knocked around. Our feeling is that is was well worth the cost and has paid for itself several times over as an integral part of the sales process.

I wonder if this price drop reflects Google moving closer to the Launch of Ice Cream. Will the Xoom even run it. There has been talk of quad-core Android tablets in development, possibly to be launched in Q1 2012.

The Xoom was done no favours with the SD card fiasco. Other tablets arrived with working SD slots, docking keyboards, additional ports and crisper displays - many undercutting the Xoom price. Despite the price cut, the Xoom will now have to vie against second generation tablets coming along including alternative sizes/capacities such as the Samsung Note and Archos G9 range. The Archos is rumoured to be priced very competitively and a low cost dongle will enable 3G.

It doesn't help the Xoom reputation that Honeycomb 3.2 is still awaited whilst other tablets such as the Asus Transformer have been running it for several weeks.

I suspect a Xoom 2 is in the pipeline and the original Xoom will have to be priced at under £300 to be attractive.

I'd rather have a pure Android Experience device then the GalaxyFail with TouchFail any day of the week. If Samsung kept the Galaxy Tab an experience device I'd have jumped on it in a heartbeat. And for all the people talking about the SD card, keep in mind Honeycomb was not exactly made to have an SD Card. If you look into the SDK Google made changes to keep the memory exactly like it is in the iPad/iPod/iPhone. Other manufacturers hacked the Android OS to get full SD card support. Motorola could not do this as it's a 100 percent pure Android device.

Also I'd point out that Honeycomb only officially supports MTP - no Mass-storage. Yet another reason why SD card support isn't officially supported by Honeycomb. It's all in the SDK notes folks.