Xoom 2 leaked ad

Motorola Xoom 2 leaks are nothing new, but now we have the first hints of when the device may launch in Europe, along with tentative pricing information. A leaked Irish Carphone Warehouse ad obtained by Engadget shows the Wifi-only 8.2-inch Xoom 2 with a price tag of €399.90 ($545, £350). Given the ad's festive focus, a launch before the end of the year also seems to be on the cards.

Specs-wise, the ad doesn't reveal anything we didn't already know -- there's Android 3.2 on-board, along with 16GB of storage. No mention of CPU or RAM, but we've heard of a 1.2 GHz dual-core chip and 1GB from earlier leaks. All standard stuff. The price is the most interesting thing by far on this new flyer, though, and we're sure a few Europeans will be tempted by the €400/£350 price point over the holidays.

Source: Engadget


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8.2-inch Motorola Xoom 2 appears in Carphone Warehouse ad, priced €400


I agree with you given that the 8.9 Tab is $469 and even that is WAY too expensive. There are 10.1 tablets out there for less than $400, so why can't we get a really good under 9 inch tablet for less than $400 or even $350? I know there are the Archos and those are tempting, but I REALLY like the 8.9 Tab.

A much smaller screen and half the storage? Ug. That is not improvement. The Xoom 1 is a much better deal now with the price drop ($500 for 32GB or $400 for 16GB)

Motorola just can't figure out the one spec that matters most: price. The Kindle and Logitech models are $199. So this fails just like the Xoom.

Bears make money. Bulls make money. Pigs get slaughtered.

Wow. Moto just doesn't get it. For $545 the average consumer will have little incentive to choose this over the ipad sitting next to it. All these Android tabs need to come in cheaper than the ipad if the manufacturers truly want proliferate and grow the Android tablet market.

The Xoom is really the only Android tablet that's more expensive than the iPad, the issue is the rest (save a few) are pretty much identically priced and people figure "Why get an Android tablet when I can get an iPad for the same price?" They really need to get the entry levels to around $350 I think. Asus and Acer were doing good by putting theirs at $399, but I honestly think $350 is the sweet spot.

You are just wrong.

Ipad 2 16 GB is $500. That is $100 more than the Xoom 1 16GB ($400).

For $500 you can have the Xoom 1 32GB, which is twice the storage of the above or $100 *LESS* than the 32GB ipad 2. Please research first before posting nonsense.

In Saudi Arabia , The 32GB Xoom Wi-Fi is ALLOT cheaper than the iPad 2 , Asus Transformer & Galaxy Tap (about 200 dollars more expensive) & almost half the price of the HTC Flyer

Ah hell , the Xoom is cheaper than the SGSII , Sensation , EVO 3D & Desire HD

I like the Xoom & I would've got one my self , but I can't find a single use for a Tablet

I realize that things cost differently in Europe than the US (besides conversion) but still... $545!

If the Xoom launches just $1 more than the Ipad 2, then this will be yet another tablet selling 100k / quarter. The average American shopper (i.e. the normal person who reads US Weekly and not Android intranet sites) is going to see a tablet they have heard about on tv and another tablet that costs more money. Guess which one they will buy?

(Personally I am thinking the Average American shopper will see the Kindle Fire and think with the sucky economy $199 seems more reasonable.)

What's with Moto's repeated use of rounded corners on many of their new devices? I know it's subjective, but to me, it's outright ugly! :(

LOL! New Xoom w/ old Xoom pricing, smaller screen and still has a dual core. Motorola fails yet again. How about a quad core Xoom 2 in the $399 - $499 price range? Oh nevermind.. Asus has that covered already.

It costs too much, it will not sell well. At least the Fire will sell millions, so there will be some tablet competition.

While this is true, I honestly can't justify spending $199 for something that is 7 inches and doesn't have an open Android experience. 8 - 10 inches is the perfect size I think and it needs to have a notebook-like experience for me. I'd pay the extra $150 for that, but not $200-$250. It's not that hard guys (Samsung, Motorola, etc), make a good tablet for $350 and I believe you won't be able to keep them on the shelves.

True but for $199 + $79 for the Amazon Prime pass you get tons of streaming media and access to all of Amazons retail goodness PLUS the Amazon Android market. That in and of itself make the Kindle Fire worth the price of entry over the Xoom 2. For anything in that price range you have the Asus Transformer Prime which will be a quad core Tegra 3. Not to mention the Archos Gen9 tablets which are selling for $269 w/ a dual core 1 Ghz OMAP 44xx in the same form factor as the Xoom 2. Just screams fail all around.

I don't know why anyone would bother with the Xoom 2 when the quad-core Transformer Prime is releasing in a few days. 8.2 inches is such an awkward size, you can't fit it into your pocket, yet you're still stuck with a screen smaller than tablets of similar pricing.

In terms of price points, it seems that the Asus Transformer Prime and the HTC Flyer (AFTER the price drop) are the only two Android tablets that got it right.

First, a disclaimer: I work at an ad agency, and I'm telling you all now: PERCEPTION sells significantly more than specs.

To the general market:
-A 7" tablet priced between $299-399 is ideal: that's why the Flyer picked up a increased number of sales AFTER the price drop.

-A 10"+ tablet priced around $499 (plus/minus $50) is ideal: that is why more consumers are clamoring and patiently waiting on the Transformer Prime tablet over others from other manufacturers.

Therefore, any other tablet that fall between these size ranges must also be priced between these price points. Anything outside of this range increases its chances of not being successful in sales, according to the behavior of general consumers.

Case in point: the HTC Jetstream...do I REALLY need to continue?

I got my acer iconia 16gb in Australia for $380. You can get it for $350 in the US. Priced 70$ cheaper than the transformer...

For everyone who complained about the $545 Price that includes VAT a special tax on things in Europe and would equal out to about the $425 range. The thing I'm mad about however is the fact that the Xoom 2 is even coming out this early. I just bought my Xoom around 5 months ago and I'm not done using it. Ugh, I really wish the tablet market would just slow down for a little bit and give consumers time to enjoy their tablet before coming out and saying "But wait this ones better!" Just give me ICS and I'll be happy. Don't really like the screen size either, but the tapered edges can stay.

Sure, let's slow down innovation for the billions of other people in the world just because you decided to be an early adopter and now feel dumb for doing so.

/eyes rolling

Damn, who pissed in your cereal? All I wanted to say was that it's not even been a year AND it's basically the same specs as before.

At anything more than $349, this is a total and complete non-starter. To be a factor in the tablet marketplace, and with the Amazon Fire at $199 (and the B&N Nook Color expected at $199 or under), this really needs to be at $299. Unfortunately that's probably pretty close to what it costs to build, exclusive of any marketing costs. If this is co-branded as a Google device, then the $299 price point, with a Google Store function, makes a lot more sense but still has to contend with a one month head start for Amazon.