The Motorola support forums are letting people sign up to receive an e-mail notification of when the highly anticipated Froyo 2.2 update is available for the Droid. Although it’s unlikely that this update will come out tomorrow or the day after -- or even this week for that matter -- it’s still a good sign that we can expect the update to be released ... eventually. [via Droid-Life]


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Motorola will notify you about Android 2.2 for your Droid – when it's ready


Vzw rolls updates out in a tiered fashion. What's the point of getting an email notification? So you know the update is available but you can't get it until it's your turn. Golly gee, thanks for that....

I'm sure they'll be some sort of manual update floating around when its released. I didn't have the patience to wait on the ota from Verizon.

Its going to be awhile for froyo to hit moto droid, and while you wait they hope we get tired and buy one of the new android devices, its all a game and a smart one.