Nokia X2

Microsoft today announced the Nokia X2, the successor to the original X released by Nokia, as was previously teased with Nokia Conversations blog post. Priced at just €99, it's an affordable Android smartphone for targeted markets. The 4.3-inch display with Nokia Glance is joined by expandable internal storage, dual-SIM support, as well as apps and services from Microsoft.

The device itself sports a brand new capacitive button, the home key. Joining the back key featured in the Nokia X, this new key is a convenient shortcut to get straight back to the home screen, without faffing about with multiple apps and whatnot. Holding down the back button will of course bring up the multi-tasking pane for easy app management and to switch between instances with little trouble.

As touched on above, the LCD screen comes in at 4.3-inches, complimented by a 5MP camera (with LED flash), 1 GB of RAM, 4 GB internal storage (with MicroSD expansion), Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor, and Bluetooth 4.0, all powered by an 1,800 mAh battery.

Since this is indeed Microsoft and its attempt to attract consumers from the Google ecosystem to Redmond, there are multiple home screens. The main home screen contains multiple app shortcuts and tiles, the second is an alphabetical list of apps installed on the device, while the third is a news feed of sorts called Fast Lane, pulling down social content and more from apps and services installed.

Multiple Microsoft apps and services are also pre-installed, including Outlook, OneDrive, Skype and some Xbox games. It doesn't appear to be a bad smartphone, even at the super low price point. We just hope it'll do better than the original X, which didn't go down so well with many, including our own Richard Devine. The Nokia X2 by Microsoft will be available in select countries immediately in glossy green, orange and black, with glossy yellow, white and matt dark grey coming later.

So, who's looking to pick one up?

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Microsoft unveils an improved X successor, the dual-SIM Nokia X2


I thought it was a Windows phone? Am I missing something?
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*my bad, I was missing something, lol

Nokia is forking Android with their own skin UI on top of android that looks like windows tiles, because of Microsoft. Some say it is to get people used to the Windows phone style. But because of this, they will not have access to google services like amazon

Actually this is no longer Nokia. This is Microsoft. And this UI, although originally presented as "Nokia made" was obviously a product of Microsoft-meddling. Just look at the Nokia Z launcher and you'll see Nokia itself would never do something so tasteless on their own.

Looks better than the X. A good improvement in pretty much every conceivable way.

But is it better than the Moto E and Moto G?

I kinda thought that too, but I don't think Nokia makes a Windows phone at that price point.

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In america yes lol besides the specs still pale compares to the X2

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The hope is that they get people into the broader Microsoft ecosystem, considering the X series dumps Google's services for Microsoft’s.

You know, this style looks great on WPs, but it's half-Android and half-WP... looks pretty dumb and the interface is ugly. Tiles look kinda different when compared to WP, and that doesn't help. I'd say Nokia should better stick to WP and improve them. At least facilitate and incite the development of normal apps. As I understand, X2 still has no access to GPlay and that renders an Android based phone useless. Even though the specs and price are really good.

It doesn't have any Google services as this is AOSP and not a Google Android. However, I'd you're reading this site, chances are, you know how to put GP into this phone anyway. Actually I'm sure you can just put a proper Android ROM in it.

Nokia isn't making Windows Phone any longer. Microsoft bought their handset business, but this is still too new to drop the Nokia name. Nokia themselves actually just released an Android launcher.


Actually, the X phones from Microsoft may still use the Nokia name until 2015 I think. The only phones that will have to drop the Nokia brand are the Lumias. The 930 will be the last one coming under the Nokia brand and Microsoft's license to use the Nokia brand on Windows Phone devices is for 18 months and exclusively for marketing.

A new pair of socks? LUXURY! Why in my day, we covered our feet in wet newspapers before we walked ten miles to our shift at the mill! Ah, but we were happier then.

"emerging markets" aka third world countries like India, China, Brasil and other African and Asian countries. It's at those these phones are aimed at, not the USA nor Europe.

I was thinking the same thing. That's sad, because the lumia 630 has worse specs for higher price.... and the updated version of the OS looks amazing. I hope we get cheaper windows phones now that WP8 is free. Microsoft should step up their game now! I am in Germany and there is not a single carrier that sells the lumia 1520 and the 930 is comming but no one knows when. It's like they are forcing me to go to Android (google services) .......

From my perspective there are worse fates, like going with windows.

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stop this Android vs Windows Phone nonsense my point is that you don't even have the option to go for a high end windows phone here in Germany unless you buy it from Amazon or whatever.....

Why bother with an option no one chooses? The only Windows Phones that sell are the dirt cheap ones.

Actually, the WPs that sell worse are the mid-range ones. But yes, the cheaper ones sell better...though if you consider "dirt cheap" phones that sell for 120€-150€ ( $160 -$200) like the Lumia 520; 180€ for the L630 ($245) or over 200€ (over $300) like the Lumia have a weird concept of "dirt cheap"...

Also...sorry to break it to you, but I opted for the L930 willingly.
Because Google butchered microSD functionality on KitKat and so phones with 16GB of internal storage are inadmissible to me. Limited for limited, I'd rather be limited to 32GB of storage on the last Nokia phone, than to move to a Sony Xperia with only 16GB where the microSD expansion has become useless thanks to Google.

I was going to move to Android now that Nokia is gone. Google made sure I wouldn't. So, there. Someone chooses to keep with Windows Phone's high end phones.

(Also the L1020 beats the crap out of any other phone in the market for imaging. There's also that.)

I feel your "pain" regarding the L930. The constant delays are really getting on my nerves too.

Loved the background music and song in the first video.
Anyone aware of the original song? Or is it something that Nokia made for commercial

well I gues we will never have high end x phone. Nokia xl will be closest we get to high end android phone from nokia (microsoft).

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You're not getting any Nokia phone until 2016. This one carries the Nokia brand but it's a Microsoft Phone (though it was started by Nokia).
Microsoft will not produce high end X phones as those are reserved for Windows Phone.

I am more compelled to use this phone then my backup looks so nice with fast lane :D I don't care for tiles but eh I can live

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Based on sales reports this has been a master stroke for Microsoft, you can see it by how fast they have iterated on the original model. Let's hope they don't lose faith with those early adopters. Those childish jellybean iMacs were effective long after they had been replaced by much sleeker stalk like models.