MetroPCS is teasing that they'll be announcing something "huge" next week, and have produced a Vine to give everyone a clue. Notice the Samsung Galaxy S3 + 1, which can only mean one thing.

The Galaxy S4 with Metro PCS-specific radios has already met FCC approval, so it's not really a surprise. We'll know more details next week.

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MetroPCS announcing what has to be the Galaxy S4 next week


It was bad enough when an article had a posting of an animated GIF created by the lame Vine thing. But at least I have the browser set to play those only once.

Is it really necessary to link to stupid and distracting animated Flash objects that auto-play in an endless loop??? UG!!!

(Yes, I have Flash Killer installed, but still, it is a bad precedence)

Except it is not html5 you dork. I think I know Flash, and when you click on Flash Killer and it stops and paints the background with the Flash logo, then it is Flash.

Then why is there a Flash wrapper around it? And why does stopping Flash stop the video from playing?

Funny when folks like to comment about things that have nothing to do with the article. I'd have to say it's a clever bit of advertising.

Where do you get 700 from lol? I believe t mobile sells it for 579 and metro is known to subsidize phone costs aggressively

"The Galaxy S4 with Metro PCS-specific radios has already met FCC approval, so it's not really a surprise."

- That one will probably never be released. It'll almost certainly be a T-Mobile rebranded GSM/LTE GS4, not a CDMA version.

I agree, I don't see the sense in releasing a CDMA flagship device when they are trying to move people away from CDMA and on to GSM.

Unless it's their intention to have people buy this phone only to sell them the GSM version again in 2015.

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Exactly. They're proactively trying to move people away from CDMA network so they can refarm that spectrum for wider band LTE. It would've been retarded and counter productive to offer a CDMA GS4 only to lure people back on that same network they're trying to shut down.

It's common sense, I'm quite surprised AC failed to think this one through before posting.

The phone in the picture isnt the S4, it's missing a sensor on the top left.

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Its supposed to be. S3 + 1 = S4
It'd be retarded to have the S4 + 1 especially since they havent announced the S4 for metro

Most likely the wrong place to ask, but who provides a better service? Or faster Internet? MetroPCS or T-Mobile?

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Metro PCS has a lot less coverage in many places. I live 5 minutes away from Dowtown San Francisco and I can say T-Mobile has a greater coverage. The 4G LTE speeds on MetroPCS is comparable to T-Mobile's 3G speeds. A lot of my friends complain that their phones on MetroPCS often times repeat the same text message seven times.

In my opinion you are much better on T-Mobile's Montlhy 4G than on MetroPCS, only because of the reliability of their service. I have been a loyal customer with T-Mobile since the OmniPoint and Voicestream days. As much I can say T-Mobile is slowly surpassing Sprint in terms of services and coverage. As for MetroPCS, in about a period of two years it will have complete access with T-Mobiles towers and the service will be much like Boost Mobile and Sprint.