Samsung Tab event

Samsung is hosting its Galaxy Premiere 2014 event in New York City, and we'll be there live to cover all of the news from the event. With a very loud and colorful teaser video and Samsung's invite donning the "Tab Into Color" phrasing, we could be in for a treat this evening.

We have a liveblog available that we'll be filling with commentary throughout the event, along with an embed of the livestream straight from Samsung so you can follow along.

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gavspurs says:

Any chance of the s5 mini being unveiled there?

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DeerSteak says:

I hope it is, and I also hope it's got at least a 720p display and something faster than a Snapdragon 400, but I have a feeling I'm going to miss out.

robertkoa says:

Also hoping the Galaxy S 5 Mini released today.

Will have 720p and Quad Core Exynos according to Rumors.

Need powerful Androids in smaller packages.

4.7" , 4.5 " screens are less prone to breakage.

Now add 2 and 3 GIGS RAM, 13 and 16 Megapixel Cameras and powerful quad cores, removable batteries
and storage.....

S5 Mini Pro.

LG G3 Mini Pro.

HTC -make the Device 5.1 " TALL with a 4.5" or 4.7" screen for a Mini .

Rant over. Lol.

firewire says:

Z1 compact.

carraser891 says:

Note 4?

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NoNexus says:

No, that is September at IFA

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BB_Bmore says:

Tablets, we will see tablets. Have a hunch they will be color, not black and white.

John Hancock

jcastag says:

I hope tablets. Samsung definitely needs to expand their lineup, they barely have any.

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Jdane07 says:

I enjoyed this sarcasm.

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Any chance of note 4 with 64bit architecture hope it is.

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AOSPrevails says:

No chance what so ever, every Note phone device have been released in September at the IFA.

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tdizzel says:

Samsung finally challenging Crayola for crayon dominance?

azsdfsd says:

Marvel geek moments I wonder what products will appear in avengers lol

tjfun says:

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pb5525 says:

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