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A little #tbt contest on Instagram: Show us your relic


I loved that phone! Too bad I don't have any of my old devices. They were all sold for a better cause: Getting a new one! Hehe

That's what I didn't like about the OG Moto Droid haha I bought it for the full-sized keyboard (it was my first Android device after coming from BlackBerry) and just hated how poorly designed that thing was. Ended up mastering the touchscreen instead.

Please, clean your dam phone before you post pictures. Nobody wants to see what you had on your hands when you used it.

I'll have to look at home for my Pilot 1000 or Handspring device later.

Is there a time limit for this?

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Android only (or preferred)? Or should I dig out that old LG flip phone and/or my Handspring Visor Platinum if I still have it?

I have my Treo 800w from Sprint still working,not active, but don't want to sign up for yet another account, Instagram.

I'm in the same boat! If I weren't on vacation I'd be more than proud to share my HTC Touch Diamond. Still a strikingly good looking phone that I can't part with.

I miss my OG Droid! That was my first Android phone and I loved it. I almost bought one on ebay for $20 just for the sake of nostalgia.

Hold on.. Wait.. Does it have to be an Android phone?? The only relic I have is a feature phone..

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