Samsung Galaxy S5 update

If you're picking up an unlocked European Samsung Galaxy S5 on launch day tomorrow (or you've been able to get hold of one early), you'll want to make sure you snag the first two — yes, two — software updates for the new handset. After setting up your shiny new GS5, you'll be prompted to install one 30MB update, then another 16MB one. After that you should end up on build U1ANCE, which according to Samsung's changelog includes stability fixes.

As always, software on carrier-branded GS5s will differ, and we haven't noticed any updates on our AT&T model in the U.S. just yet.

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They wanna get there s3 update out the scammy plebs paying 500 for a phone that is unusable because they botched the update to 4.3 never buying from samsung again

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Omar Diaz says:

Are you talking English? I didn't understand anything you just said..

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Well clearly you can't read very well then!!

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