While Samsung has launched WQXGA tablets earlier this year, the Galaxy Tab S is the first lineup to feature Super AMOLED displays. To showcase the brightness and the contrast of the new panels, Samsung is putting the 2560 x 1600 resolution displays front and centre in its latest commercial.

The ad pits Samsung's Super AMOLED display against a standard LCD panel (not unlike the one used in the iPad Air), and as you can see in the video above, Samsung's variant is brighter, more vivid and features more contrast.

Samsung has mentioned that the Super AMOLED panel displays a 90 percent color gamut (Adobe RGB standard) versus the 70 percent that is usually the standard with LCD panels. Along with the higher color gamut, the AMOLED panels can deliver much better contrast.

Interested in the Galaxy Tab S tablets? They're currently available for purchase in the US, and will be available later this week in the UK. Want to know when the tablets will be available in your country? Head on over to our topic page for all the information.

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James Goens says:

While very nice tablets, I just bought a Tab Pro 10.1 four weeks ago. This is not enough of an upgrade to lose money on, especially for the price difference.

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Depending on usage, it's also a downgrade in battery life from the Tab Pro 10.1

Dizfunctions says:

No matter what people say about the software, the screens on these tablets are gorgeous.

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ericykchan says:

I got the Tab Pro 8.4 couple months ago. If i know there will be a Tab S i will not get the Tab Pro. The screen and especially increased battery life is worthwhile an upgrade. Tab Pro 8.4's battery life is very poor.

worknman says:

Yeah, the tagline for the Tab S should be 'Hey, if you don't like it, we'll release another one in 4 months ...' :P

rgao007 says:

My Note 3's AMOLED display is leaving purple after dark colors are scrolled, rather have an IPS screen

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LiveFaith says:

Your Note 3 screen just needs to be repaired or replaced.

NoNexus says:



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Sounds like you've mistreated your Note 3 :s

Posted from my TARDIS!

jayjay234 says:

Picked one up two days ago. What a great tablet. Kudos sammy

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CJ Deaton says:

Note 3 needs repaired sounds like drop damage. Wife's note 3 screen is beautiful.

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Razieltov says:

So basically Samsung is saying that all of their old Tabs suck and only the new one is good.

azsdfsd says:

so excited for this tablet!

jozjonlin says:

I love my Tab S 8.4 AND my Note 3, and I can't wait for the Note 4.

John Floyd21 says:

Tab S-10.5 arrived this morning (UK)!!
Absolutely blown away with display. Loving it already.

mike20036 says:

Mine tab s 8.4 version came today (UK) And I love It :)