There's a new ad for the Samsung Galaxy S5 that you can probably expect to see a lot of (along with the rest of Samsung's impending marketing blitz). The 30-second spot focuses on the networking speeds, camera, and waterproofing of the Galaxy S5. Blessedly it's just a fun, fast-paced commercial without trying to be all high-minded or unnecessarily combative. It's just here's the phone, and here are some of the fun things you can do with it, and we're perfectly okay with that approach.

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royinferno69 says:

That camera clarity.

CJ Deaton says:

Download Booster is amazing.

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Too bad most of the carriers removed it :(

grydlok says:

Good commercial

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Dominick079 says:

Anyone have the S5 yet? If do how do you like it? I just purchased my Note 3 a month ago so I will be waiting on the Note 4 to come out?

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Kolten Nay says:

Definetly wait for note 4

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Synycalwon says:

Good commercial. It highlights the phone's features in a setting the average person can relate to. It's a rather stark contrast to HTC's commercials such as the one with Gary Oldman.

gottria says:

It's all good till water gets inside and refuse to fix it.

Paralex says:

Water resistant, bro. That's the point of the commercial, bro. Ok, bro? Bye.

cybertec69 says:

The phone was placed under 3 feet of water for over an hour and it passed with flying colors.

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B Posey says:

Typing from a S5 right now. This phone is simply amazing!

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felyke says:

This is why the s5 will outsell the HTC one.This ad is great, loved it.

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evoben24 says:

Samsung has really good marketing

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TheDu9du says:

who takes a picture of a random kid? (not including pedophilers)

vpblaze says:

Haha this is exactly what I thought.... Creepy!

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barondebxl says:

Samsung marketing is on point.

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