Our Android phones are pretty personal things, full of personal information. Some of us can be very protective, and don't much care for other folks getting too comfortable with them. Besides the risk of breakage, there's also a chance someone will see something you'd rather they didn't. For others, it's not a problem, family and friends can feel free to pick up your phone off the table and fire it up. And of course, many fall squarely in the middle and are OK with a select few folks touching our Androids.

I'm OK with someone picking up my tablet (just don't lose my page in the Nook app please), but my phone? Between us I don't even like it when my lovely wife uses it for more than a few minutes. I can't explain it, it's just my precious. What about you folks? Sound off in the poll.




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Late-night poll: Do you let other people use your phone?


I do not let other people use my phone ....why would I ? I mean what in the world would anyone want to use my phone for? Tho I did catch my boyfriend streaming dirty porn to my hand set one time ....that was old news .... I am now the empire carpet person! I'd rather be munching than answer this question I suppose.... I do love this Jerry fellas chunky digits ...a girl can dream!

I let my kids mother use my phones. Well....she basically held my Droid X1 and RAZR

She finally has her own smartphone again. I missed my RAZR...been surviving with a Rezound. Which she also doesnt like.

She has an iPhone 4 and Nexus S now...and she doesnt like either If she keeps the iPhone she wants me to keep it for a few weeks to help her learn how to use it. Not gonna lie...its a slick device, nice looking apps, nice looking screen. I actually hopes she keeps it so I can have first hand experience with an iPhone.

Although my wife checks messages while I'm driving and while we share most of our contacts on a joint account, I get tense when she is using my phone. I also feel guilty/invasive when I'm on her phone or account on the computers, even when she asks me to.

My kids and wife, sure. But strangers? NO!. Do not know how dirty their hands are or where they have put it.

As a policy, I do not touch other people's phones. Phones carry the most dirt on its keypad or touch screen. yuck!

Ten years ago I wouldn't have said, "Sure! Flip through my address book and day planner. Go ahead and rifle through those documents that were just sent from work. And while you're at it, would you like the key to my mail box?"

I let my kid play games on my phone quite often. Since my phone attracts a lot of attention when I'm out with friends, I am used to handing it to them, relying that they won't abuse my trust. So far, I only got one post on facebook that I had to edit :-)

This discussion reminds me of an important feature currently missing from android tablets -- multiple User logins! I hope we get it sooner or later...

I do the same as you. If you are my friend, then I trust you.
That feature of multiple logons on a tablet would be nice.

I used to let the kids use my DInc and wife would let them use her Fascinate. Now that I'm on the GNex, I don't even let Chuck Norris look at my phone.

...except that Chuck Norris doesn't need to look at your phone, your phone will reveal itself to Chuck Norris. ;) Sorry, I couldn't resist making a bad Chuck Norris joke.

I've seen to many people that I know who let their kids play with their phones, and every single one of them has had to get another phone less than a year of getting it...So no.

The occasion where someone asks to use my phone is pretty rare (everyone has a phone these days), but I don't have any problem with someone using my phone. There's nothing on my phone that I need to hide, plus I don't have a spouse or friends that would snoop around. Most of the time when someone asks to use my phone, it's to make a phone call, look up something on the web or with maps.

No, never, there are in total 3 people i would allow to TOUCH my phone. Using it is another thing. But i let them play with it when im sitting next to them and i can see what there doing.

I let a buddy of mine "borrow" my old palm pre when he broke his blackberry. (I was trying to push him into android) when I went to his house for dinner a few weeks late he was letting his 2 year old use it as a chew toy most of the night. which means it not only was dripping with slobber but was repeatedly chucked across the room at her brothers. It was just a pre I know, but why would someone treat electronics that way? oh me and the misses can't explain it either but even though we don't have anything that can't be seen on our phones, they are in "off limits ville"

I share your pain. I learned somebody has 1 broken phone they probably have 2. And your loaner will be broken too

I share your pain. I learned somebody has 1 broken phone they probably have 2. And your loaner will be broken too

If it's your buddy, you should have seen this coming a mile away. Did you know that your buddy had kids and how he/she is around them?

I might let my coworker use it to make a phone call if we're out in the field and he has no signal, but only for work related calls. And possibly my best friend's son when he wants to play Angry Birds, but my eyes are on him the whole time.

Hell No. I have nothing to hide but when you say hey let me use uour phone and look thru all my stuff thats not using me phone thats playing with it. I got this one friend who always go thru my phone and it pissed me off if she wasn't a girl I would smack her. And as for random ppl asking to use my phone I'm sorry buddy but your out of luck

I don't have a problem with trusted friends or fam using my phone, as long as they know how to use a smartphone. I absolutly despise people who ask the age old question how do I turn this damn thing on, or how do I make a call on this damn thing *sigh*. As for sensitive private pics texts etc. that is not an issue here I don't find the need to archive pics of me or my significant others. Now strangers using my phone is a no no. I don't want to catch MRSA from there dirty greasy face.

I really have nothing on my phone to hide, yet I really don't even like my wife using my phone at all either. not really sure why, I just don't. she's got an android phone of her own.

Same for me, my wife has her own and there's nothing on here I don't want seen. Just makes me twitchy if anybody had it for more than about a minute.

With the amount of poop texts I send and that I do my facebooking while on the can, most people don't ask to use my phone. But I digress. If you wanna look at my phone, I'll let ya, but looking doesn't mean touching, unless you're blind, then you don't have a need for my phone unless they come up with braille screens.

Seriously, a phone is just too personal. They are not just tools to make calls. Same for laptops, at least for me. There is a reason why these things allow you to lock them with passwords. Now, if you need to make a quick call, that's cool. Handle ya biz and give me my phone back. It's not a toy to be played with. Not to mention these things run upwards of $600.

I'll let my good friends or gf play a game every once in a while but we all have our own Android phones. Nobody gets into my phone without the password though, my younger brother and his friends think its hilarious to change all my settings.

I'm glad that I found this thread, now I know I'm not alone :) I always feel a little weird when someone asks me if he/she can play with my phone... My whole body gets completely stiff and sweat is pouring from my hands, I can't think, there's just 4 words spinning around in my head. PLEASE DON'T DROP IT!
Especially if I meet a friend out in the streets downtown and there's a potential killer on the ground, >> THE ASPHALT!!! <<
Here in my house I feel a bit calmer at least, I can let somebody use it without almost getting a heartattack. I've dropped it on the floor myself a few times and nothing broke.

I can't let anyone use my phone. Cause if they leave their phone lying around, I will change their wallpaper to me making a funny face. Then I will post on their face book "I pooped my pants" All in about 30 seconds.

I let a few Iphone guys & gals at work check my phone out. Their responses along with familiar facial expressions are classic. "My phone doesn't have that" & "I can't change the battery" comments are the most I've heard so far.

If someone has a sucking chest wound and needs the phone to finalize his will in order to leave everything to me then I'LL dial the numbers and hold the phone to his or her ear. I get very uneasy when someone else, no matter how trusted, picks up my Optimus V. My phone and my motorcycle are off-limits. Beyond that, help yourself to whatever you want.

Lmao, i do get uneasy if someone has my phone yet i encourage it because i sit there and wait until they come across my /b/ folder >:D then they look at me like "wtf....figures...." muahahaha

I love showing off my phone to others, and if they have an Android device, I'll show them a neat trick or app, but it stays in my hand (for the most part). I might load up an app and let someone navigate through it (supervised). But as far as loaning it out, or letting someone else use it, no. There's a password on it for a reason.

Now, my wife plays on my phone every now and then, and I don't mind. There isn't anything on there that would upset her. She mostly looks at apps she doesn't have on her's. I'm pretty much tech support for her, so I'm on her pone now and then to add things, or tweak it. I would have no problem with my kids using it either.

My immediate family and close friends can "touch it" Lol. And the girlfriend too. She has a captivate herself. Especially with her if I say back off it looks a little suspicious hahaha. But now she's normally on her own android anyway.

Only my mom, or in special cases family members.
Oh if its an emergency would make an exception,otherwise its my phone get your own ha :)

I used to leave my phone around all willy nilly. Then my girlfriend found some stuff she shouldn't. Now it is a closely guarded personal item. I only let people use it briefly.

my wife is the only other person that uses my phone, she has an evo 4g and she likes my evo 3d(she will get it when i upgrade this summer) but i still hate it when she touches it lol

I hate when people use my HTC Evo. I purposely don't install games so people wont have a reason to play with my phone, lol.

I was at lunch with a contractor I work with sometimes and he wanted to show me a video feed from a camera we had installed recently. He had a Blackberry, so my phone was really the only option. As he's opening the web site he has to enter a password, and I hear him mumble "never remember" as he taps the screen. WTF!? I certainly didn't want it to remember HIS password, but I also didn't want to never ask me to remember MINE. That was the last time he ever touched my phone. Even now it pissed me off, and that was two phones and 3 ROMs ago - the setting has long since changed.

I got the Otterbox Defender case because I have a 2 and 5 year old who play games and watch movies on my Galaxy Nexus. It's one of the reasons I got the Nexus because it was good for the whole family.

That picture alone is enough to invoke a NO response. Baby slobber on my super Android smartphone? Neeeevvvvveeeerrrrr! :) And, C'mon, people - nudie pics on your phone? That's what cloud storage is for. :D

I can delete every app, contact, text, all the web browsing history and still feel uncomfortable with anyone touching my phone.

I only let my close friends use my Galaxy S2 and iPad2. A total stranger? Never. My friends only use it to browse the web and watch Youtube videos so that's about it. I totally trust them.

I've been occasionally known to let my kids use my phone to play games or watch videos when we are waiting for a table at dinner or things like that. My wife uses her own phine so I'm safe on that front.

Funny i was just tweeting about this last night with people lol.. but Hell no i hate letting people hold my phone.. the first thing they want to do is go thru your pictures and read all your msgs.. like thats private stuff!! rather its clean or dirty stuff in my phone.. its still private files

Only a select few but on the other side of that all my friends constantly hand me their phones when they can't figure something out. Definitely enjoy getting to mess with various phones on all the big 4. All though most are more impressed when I show them basic features their phones do out of the box.

My 7 year old son loves my Sensation so much he asked for his own! Eh, no son. It's just a gaming device to him though. The missus was always harassing me for my Desire for Angry Birds (which I hate) and her manky hands made me develop mild ocd. She never really bothered with phones at all but from i gave her the Desire last August it's been stuck to her hand and for a lot more than angry birds! I have turned her into a smartphone user and more importantly an Android one before she was sucked in by Apple! Even complaining about the lack of internal memory now so an upgrade could be on the cards.

I also like letting Appleites see what my 'cheap', 'toy' or 'pretend' phone can do. "i didn't know Android could do that!" is the most common phrase. They seem to think all Android devices are cheap, either they have no experience of them at all or devices like the Wildfire and Galaxy Ace are what they're comparing their' iPhone's to. I don't mean either device any disrespect as they're great value smartphones but can't be compared to high-end devices.

I let my wife and daughter use it. My wife might just pick it up for a quick picture (her hero is on its last legs, three years old, upgrading this month unless we decide to wait on the Sprint G Nexus). The extent of my daughter using it is sticking it in her mouth to which I carefully watch to make sure the case takes a gnaw and not the screen (very expensive teething toy)! Anyone outside of family? Not really.

That's about how I am. My wife doesn't use mine, because she has her own that we just upgraded, but my 1 year old daughter? She will gnaw on either mine or my wife's like it's the most delicious thing she's ever tasted.

You can make a call on my phone, but I'm watching you. I also show my phone off a lot, so I may open an app and let you watch in awe. My HP Touch pad gets passed around like a whore, but NO ONE TOUCHES MY TRANSFORMER PRIME! The best part about buying my fiance her own tablet was that she never had it when I wanted it. I let my daughter play with phone and touch pad, but sorry cutie bug...I love you but this transformer prime is my other baby!