Samsung Galaxy S5

Up until now the Samsung Galaxy S5's fingerprint scanner was good for two things: unlocking the phone and paying with PayPal. Granted that's one substantial thing more than Apple's Touch ID on the iPhone 5s, but that still was a little limited. But Samsung had opened access to that scanner, and now password manager LastPass supports fingerprint swiping too.

After logging in within the LastPass app on your Galaxy S5, when prompted for a password or PIN, all you have to do is swipe down over the fingerprint scanner to have LastPass fill it in for you. It's that easy.

PayPal is nice. Unlocking your phone is good. Swiping to enter your password… that's pretty damn awesome.

LastPass for Android version 3.2.13 is available now for download from Google Play.

Source: LastPass


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LastPass update adds support for Galaxy S5's fingerprint scanner


My only problem is that it constantly reprompts me to swipe my finger, even when in other apps. It's especially bothersome when using hangouts. It seems to happen more often when the screen rotates.

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You can actually use it one handed. U have to set it one handed though. Also just set up the same thumb for max accuracy.

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That's pretty awesome. Way more useful than the Touch ID crap. This actually makes me want the S5 now.

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This is a big deal, just need Google play support and am sure it will come soon

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

Sammy's implementation though has hardware degradation and it won't work after a year. Its a known problem for the slide method.

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And you know for a fact that Samsung didn't improve the design/hardware? Oh I forgot, tech is, and has been, stagnant for 20 years. Well nice talking to you but I have to get back to my commodore 64

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But the phone just came out? It hasn't been a year. Do you have a link that backs that information?

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Patfactorx we used to have a Windows laptop that had the slide fingerprint scanner. It worked for a long time and never had any issues. It consistently worked very well.

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So I'm having trouble with this I think. It doesn't appear to prompt for finger when entering password. Just periodically pops up.

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Everyone gives Samsung so much crap for everything - but the fact that they alway open up the API´s to their special hardware like motion sensors, fingerscanner ect. deserves much credit. BRAVO!