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Don't over think it. We're tired of all the iPhone hype. So let's stir up a little Android love, shall we? The fine folks at are taking 15 percent off your total order through midnight Friday. That's 15 percent off Android cases, headsets, wires, cables, shirts, batteries -- whatever we got, you're getting it for 15 percent off!

Just use coupon code ROUNDCORNERS (see what we did there?) when you check out. And be sure to check out the latest in LloydGear, and don't forget about our new international shipping options!

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jestermx6 says:

Aren't you afraid of the lawsuit to follow using that particular coupon code?

Unibrow says:

lol @ roundcorners.

cal.kennie says:

I take it this is US only? Canadian store throws invalid coupon.

Code now working in Canada store.

cal.kennie says:

Yay! Mr MasterCard is getting hurt tonight.

n0obpr0 says:

roundcorners roflmao

Lemonheater says:

Nice coupon code. Easy to remember.

Love the promo code LOL :)

MOTH477 says:

There is a post of S3 forums about people not getting their discounts after using similar promo codes to buy S3. Will this lead to the same results....?

Wicket says:

well played :D

donebrasko says:

Is it bad that its nearly impossible to place orders for Android accessories using your Android phone?

beanznrice says:

Loving the title for the article :D