Moorestown running Android 2.1 at Computex 2010

With Computex under way, Aava Mobile demonstrated a handful of prototype smartphones, some of which we can expect to see within a year or two. One phone platform that stole the stage was the Intel Moorestown (no doubt a reference to Moores Law) with an Atom chipset and Android 2.1. It didn’t seem too much faster (at first glance, anyway) than the exisiting Qualcomm Snapdragon line. Hopefully as time progresses, we’ll see more demonstrations of this phone along with improvements in performance but it will still be some time before we start to see phones touting an, “Atom Inside” sticker. [via Engadget]

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mothy says:

Why are some of the icons pictured from 2.1 and some from like 1.5 or earlier

xontic says:

The video for this phone on engadget made it look a bit sluggish, and the visual is very 1.5/1.6ish. Stick to the Evo/Incred.

daneUryZzl says:

x86...on a mobile phone...we are finally breaking away from that legacy ridden hackjob on at least one (up and coming and likely to soon dominate computing) platform. We don't have the luxury of throwing higher frequencies and higher voltage thus higher power requirements at these platforms.

x86 on an Android phone? I'll pass.

loooney2ns says:

I wonder what the battery life will be like.

iLoveAndroid says:

Me too then i barely noticed the home and menu button at the bottom under the screen, and also apple could probably sue them for this design because they have the patent for it

tokuzumi says:

When I first saw the picture, I thought this was more detail on the android port on the iPhone.

isaac32767 says:

Intel code names are always geographical. In this case, a town in New Joisy .