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Facebook has rolled out another update for its Messenger app on Android. The social network has implemented instant video sharing and the ability to send 'big likes' to friends in the conversation, just in case you happen to really like something. This latest update brings the app up to version 6.0, with 5.0 introducing the sending of video, alongside enhancements to photo sharing and more.

The new video sharing feature brings the Messenger app in line with what Snapchat offers. It's now possible to shoot and play 15-second video messages from the camera straight into the conversation. Why communicate via text when video is available? It's also designed with the selfie in mind. The camera will default to the front-facing shooter, but it's also possible to record some footage with the main camera.

Grab Facebook Messenger version 6.0 from the Play Store.

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Instantly share videos and 'big likes' in latest Facebook Messenger update


Of you only click like button, it'll send small like, but if you hold it, it'll send huge one

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And still Hangouts for Android doesn't have this feature but Apple does... I hope I/O brings it

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Complainasaurus Rex needed a Forum "moderately" related to Hangouts in order to gripe... I say "moderately" because, well, this is about a chat app. That's about all there is connecting the dots here...

I wonder what important features they'll remove to make this happen. The newer gimmicky features are always added at the expense of existing useful ones.

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They'll probably stop allowing you to see messages sorted by sender and arranged in chronological order and instead show you the ones their algorithm thinks are most important to you.

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Me too. Not THAT interested, just want to check it out. Only time I ever use messenger is when somebody contacts me

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FB messenger is probably one of the most under utilitzed/rated messaging apps out there. Me and my friends use that all the time. Just not having to re-populate my contact list or convincing folks to sign up for another service is really nice. The numerous animated stickers make communicating so much more entertaining than texting.

I swap phones when I go out as note 3 too big.... Facebook syncs across all devices so handy
WhatsApp And viber need to re_register
note 3
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